Members of the LDS Church From Tennessee

This list names the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints from Tennessee that I have run across in my research. It is a work in progress. A comprehensive list of all Tennessee members before 1920 would probably have between 2000 and 3000 people on it, and probably beyond the scope of this Website. I would still, however, welcome any additions you might have.

The list is alphabetized by married name so that married couples would be listed together. I have included maiden names when I have them in parentheses.

Alexander, Myrza
Alexander, Randolph
Anderson, Charles
Anderson, Leila
Bailey (Miller), Mary Jane also here
Beechum, Louisa J.
Bigham, Joseph
Bigham, S. A.
Blanton (Tatum), Emily
Blanton, Burwell
Bryant (Church), Margaret Nomie
Bryant, Mary Belle also here
Bryant, Robert Emmons
Brown, Maggie L.
Brown, Nathaniel L.
Browning, Jonathon
Carroll (Pope), Juda Clemant
Carroll (Quillin), Sarah Jane
Carroll, John Thomas
Church, Charles Houston
Church (Mullens), Dollie
Church, Haden Wells
Church (Birchet), Harriet Elnora
Church (Voss), Sara Eliza
Church, Thomas Holliday
Conder, Anderson
Conder (Carroll), Malinda
Conder, Rachel Ann
Conder, Thomas Young
Conder, William James
Conder, William Martin
Depriest (Fuller), Martha E.
Depriest (Talley), Margaret Eisabel
Depriest (Talley), Margaret Ellen
Depriest, James Houston
Depriest, Pleasant W.
Depriest, Sarah Ann Laura
Depriest, Thomas Walker
Evans (Murphy), Phebe
Evans, Zachariah
Fry, Michael
Garrett, Elizabeth C
Haley (Conder), Lavicia Jane also here
Haynes, Harvey Jackson
Hicks (Church), Phoebe
Holdaway, Shadrach
Holt, James
Holt (Payne), Mary
Houser, Findley E.
Hudson, John Riley
Lancaster (Talley), Sarah Elizabeth
Lancaster, Elizabeth
Lancaster, Jesse Witfield
Lancaster, John M.
Lancaster, Rachel
Lane, Johnston F.
Lane (Kelly), Matilda
McLellen, William E.
McClurg, Buryl Gene
Miller, John
Miller, Nicholas
Miller, Philip
Miller (Davidson), Sarah Bird
Murphy, Jeremiah
Murphy, Lavinia
Pinegar, Harvey
Pinegar, Josie
Reed, Sireneous
Ricks (Turner), Ada G.
Riggs, George Washington
Riggs, Joseph Smith
Riggs (McCulley), Isabel
Sealy (Talley), Mary Ann
Sealy, William
Shaw, Nancy Lavina
Shipman, George Washington
Shipman (Bunch), Mary Jane
Sutphin, Alice
Sutphin (Hull), Felicia P.
Sutphin, William C.
Talley (Hudson), Barbara Ellen
Talley (Morehead), Eliza
Talley, Andrew Jackson
Talley, Banester "Bash" Hopkins
Talley, Elisha Freeland
Talley, George Thomas (William?)
Talley, Horace Campbell Cooper
Talley, Leona Evelyn
Timmons, Andrew A.
Tipton, John H.
Tittle, Margaret
Turner, Nancy "Josie" also here
Vance, John
Westbrook, John Douglas
Whitewell, Susan Palthena
Whitwell, John Marshall
Whitwell, Osce Jackson
Willis, Fanny Martha Angeline
Willis, William
Winters (Hudson), Lucretia
Winters, Joel L
Winters, Lewis Sherman
Winters, Luferty Catherine
Winters, William
Young, William Alma