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Bruce Crow


Tamara said...

Just looked at your blog. I love it. I will be spending lots of time reading all of your information.
Maybe each mission president who had a Gibbs and a Berry in their missiona reopened the area.
Tamara Gibbs Mecham

BruceCrow said...

Thanks Tamara, I'm glad you are enjoying it.

My local ward (in Tennessee) just lost our missionaries. When we get them back in a few months maybe they will say they have re opened our area.

Anonymous said...

I am the mother of a current TN missionary, who is the ancestor of Wm. Shanks Berry. My son Spencer Haire was serving in the southeast area of Nashville (Spanish speaking.) Today he was transferred to Shelbyville. I am curious as to how he could find the exact area of the Tn Massacre. I would like him to take pics and send them home. Is there a marker? If I had to email him directions, do you know the exact location? I loved reading about your detailed information on the Cane Creek massacres and have found more info here than ever before. Thanks for your efforts.
Patti Haire
Las Vegas, NV

Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce, the accounts of the past are very interesting, I enjoy reading them very much.

I am from the little town of Hohenwald, Tn. where the killings took place, and to make it a little more interesting on my mothers side of the family, her mother "Hinson's", and her father "Carrolls" were the ones who had the confrontation that Sunday back in 1884. The Carroll's were the one's who were holding services that day, and the Hinson's were the one's who went to the house.

The Hinson's lived on the same creek where the Condor's lived. Melinda was at the time married to a Condor and had one son "William Martin Condor" who was shot that day, along with a son from an earlier marriage "John R. Hutson". Melinda was a Carroll before she ever married and that is where she is kin to me. Melinda was shot in the hip that day and survived.

I do have a picture or two of some of the folks who took part in the killings that day, also with some of the stories told to me from the Hinson's "some of the old folks who were living who's fathers were there".

Anyway, I am glad that I found this blog, I enjoyed reading the post's very much!!!! Thanks,


BruceCrow said...

Ronnie, I'd love to talk with you. But I don't have anyway to contact you. If you would be willing could you email me directly? My address is

Steve said...

Hi Bruce my name is Steve William Berry. Iam a greatgrandson of William Shanks Berry. I just want to say that I have been enjoying your writtings on the Cane Creek Massacre. I've always been interested about the subject ever since my Aunt showed me the oringal newspaper clipping she had when I was a young boy. My dad was the son of Jesse A. Berry kep up the goodwork thank you.

BruceCrow said...

Thanks for the great compliments Steve. It must be really interesting to have that personal connection. Did your grandfather keep a journal?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bruce, I am the daughter of the missionary in the 1943 article, Alfred Oron Berry. I just called him to tell him about your blog, so you will probably hear from him. He just turned 88 years old in May. I live in SLC, Utah and am very much into family history. My parents have taught it my whole life and now so do I (through church).
Eileen Berry Adams

BruceCrow said...

It is wonderful to hear from you. And I'd love to hear from your father too. Any insight you would be willing to share would be great. And hopefully I have to details correct.

I should put you in contact with Eugene Gibbs daughter.

HolySmoke said...

Do you know if the Dixie Messenger or Latter day saint star are available anywhere?

BruceCrow said...

I've only seen the Latter Day Saint Southern Star online. There are two volumes I know of.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Peter Fagg said...

Hi Bruce

I've enjoyed reading your posts, and was wondering if you mind me using some of your material. Let me explain....
Last septemer I started my own blog on Discovering LDS Britain See:
I'm focusing on all things LDS and British, and a number of your posts would link in quite nicely with my theme.

For instance, I am just preparing a post that shares an 1838 Preston article that talks of the children's activities ... and was quite against Marble playing. Then I read your post on the boys arguing over marbles and it just fit so well together.
I would you give you full credit for anything I'd use and would link each article to your blog.

all the best
Peter Fagg

Snows said...

I just love reading your blog. My mother and sisters and I flew to Tennessee in 2005 to visit Church relatives there - so memorable it was. Several questions: on the article you wrote about Sarah Ann Arterbury Church, you said that you accessed the Utah Digital Papers. When I googled that, the Utah Digital Newspapers came up and with only another writer's letter, not her own, about her trip to Tennessee and Mississippi. Will you please help me find what you shared? Thanks! Ruth Lynne Snow Also, is there any way to ask the Hickenlooper person who wrote to you if Governor Hickenlooper here in Colorado is related to her?

BruceCrow said...

I found the very same letters you did, both written by George Carver. I can send you a copy if you like. Email be at bruce_crow at and I'll reply with the attachments.

I'll ask about Governor Hickenlooper. :)

Sandi said...

The Cane Creek Massacre is very interesting and I only ran across it doing research on my family which involves Mathis,Hinson, and Hudson (Hutson). Rube's brother Jesse Manuel Mathis is my 3rd Great Grandfather and is buried in Perry County. From you readings, it makes me wonder if he was also involved. Through my research it seems that Martha Henrietta Hinson's brother is George "Grey George" Hinson, who is David's dad. If this is correct, this would make Rube Mathis & David Hinson first cousins. Even stranger (my ancestors involement)is that, according to my research, John Riley Hudson is my GGG Grandmother's (Rosannah "Rosie" Hudson)nephew. What strange things you can find doing family research!

deborah curtis said...

a book has just been published on this subject. "and should we die, The Cane Creek Mormon Massacre" by Donald R. Curtis available on Amazon and publisher Bearhead Publishing and soon on E-book.Very detailed with personal letters and journal entries and many pictures.Spread the word! Great Christmas present!

Anonymous said...

Hi, enjoy your blog. I heard that the Northcutts Cove Chapel was closed for several years until the early 1950's because the person who owned the property closed it. Is that true?

BruceCrow said...

I know it was used as a chapel until about 1948, when the stone chapel was dedicated. The Church didn't own the land so it reverted to private hands. I knnow it was registered as a historic landmark in about 1979. Between those two dates I'm not sure. But I know a few people who would know for sure. I'll ask.

Leah Avirett said...

Dear Bruce: I just today found your blog and can't wait to share it with our Pace, FL Ward. Our Ward is quite transient since we live in the middle of several military bases. I have also determined that Rachel Anderson Corder was my 3rd Great Grand Aunt. In all my research (been doing it 35 years), I have never found any Mormons in my family! Now I can say I'm not the only one! Anyway, just wanted to thank you for all your efforts. WoW, I'm impressed. History is kinda my thing too. Well, I wish you continued success and thanks again for helping me become even closer to my ancestors!

BruceCrow said...

Thanks Leah, I'm glad you have found something to connect with in my ramblings. It is a pleasure to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Bruce: In your post "Wed. Nov.26.2008 - Hickman Pioneer", there is mention of the Winters and Garrett families of Lewis County. My great grandmother, Nora Church (d/o Samuel Alderson Church s/o George Brown Church s/o of Abraham Church) was married to James Wesley Winters. James is my brick wall. About the only thing I know of him is he lived in Hickman County most of his life. I'm curious to know if there is any more info about this Winters family you mention. Thanks in advance for any hints.

Steve Smith said...

I have a picture of Carl and Pearly Shipley, along with Grover Smith. It is taken inside the church at Speedwell, Tennessee.
I don't know how to share with you.