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William "James" Condor & Malinda Carroll

William “James” Condor (or Conder) was born on July 11, 1832 in what would become Lewis County Tennessee. His parents were Martin Condor and Rachel Anderson. There is a William Conder from Lewis County in the 3rd Tennessee Infantry roster. But if that was the same person he would have been there from 1861 to 1865. In 1862, however, he married Melinda Carroll, a young woman widowed when her husband (John Riley Hutson) died while she was yet expecting her first son.
James joined the LDS church in May 1879. He was baptized by Elder Joseph Argyle. Brother Condor owned a farm of about 300 acres. We know he had an orchard near the house and that his crops included watermelon and apples (Hyrum Belnap noted Condor's homemade cider in his autobiography). He joined about five years before the rest of his family. He was described as a jocular man. He had three children with Malinda, a son and two daughters, and raised his step son as his own. After the massacre he may have taken his surviving family to live in Perry County, where he had relatives who had also joined the church. But by 1900 he was again living in Lewis County, south across the ridge from Cane Creek. He died 28 March 1911 in Lewis County, Tennessee.

Malinda Carroll was born in what we become Lewis County, Tennessee on 20 April 1833. She married to William James Condor in 1862; it was her second marriage. Her first husband, John Riley Hudson, died before his son was born. In a touching tribute, Malinda named her son after her late husband. After years of learing about the gospel, she joined the Mormon Church in January 1884. Less than a year later, she was injured at the massacre, receiving a gun shot wound in the hip. The shot broke the bone in her thigh, and although it was set by a physician, she never fully recovered. In later pictures she is shown with a cane. She died 20 February 1916 in Lewis County, Tennessee. You can read more about her here. And thank you to Ardis for the photo. Malinda's brother, John Carroll, was the Sherriff for Lewis county.

Rachel Ann Condor was the first daughter to the Brother and Sister Condor. She was one of the few people we know of that were actually in the room when her brothers and mother were shot. She survived the massacre but unlike her sister she never married. She lived with her parents until both passed away. Afterwards she moved in with her sister and her family. She died in 1955 without recording her own version of events that day.

Lavicia (Vicie) Jane Condor was born on 16 October 1870 in Lewis County Tennessee. She was the Condor’s second daughter. She joined the church on the same day as William Talley, Sherman Winters, and Joel Winters in May 1884. Vicie was in the kitchen when the massacre happened and so was not an eyewitness to what transpired. She survived the massacre unscathed and later married William Irving Haley in 1898, who was not a member of the Mormon Church. She died 27 November 1958. Vicie and William had three children. You can read more about her and her family here.

John “Riley” Hudson (Hutson) was born around 1856 in Lewis County, Tennessee (No photo). He was the first son of Malinda Condor and her first husband, also named John Riley Hudson (b. 1837). Riley was a nephew to Elisha and Barbara Talley, Barbara being his father’s sister. Riley was baptized in January 1884. He and his brother were quick to defend the missionaries with force if necessary. In the Massacre he was the only one who shot at the mob, killing David Hinson and subsequently being shot himself. The shot gun he used was donated by his sisters to the Church History Museum.

William "Martin" Condor (No photo)was the only son of Brother and Sister Condor. He was called Martin by all who knew him. Elder Gibbs wrote that he was a hardened mountain boy, and was surprised when he asked to be baptized in May 1884. Thereafter he was a changed, softened man. For years after his death, his sisters still kept the violin he played.

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