Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Findley E Houser

About seven miles away from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, in an area called Venus, lived "a case-hardened sinner" name Findley Houser. "Uncle Fin" as he was called by the people in Venus, Tennessee "read the bible every practically every evening, but claimed the preachers were not preaching the gospel that Jesus taught, and had little trouble in confounding local ministers."

As it happened, "providence came to his rescue." Having been mostly healthy all his life Uncle Fin was suddenly afflicted with a disease that caused fits. At about the same time in 1880, two missionaries were passing out tracts and holding meetings. Elder Fuller and Elder Woodbury. One evening the two knocked on the Houser home and explained who they were and that they were traveling without purse or scrip. After asking if they could stay there for the night, Mary, Uncle Fin's wife, politely declined, saying her husband was prone to fits and that he would be embarrassed to entertain guests in his condition. Being inspired, the Elders offered to "cheer and comfort him" which pleased Mrs Houser enough that they were asked to stay for the night.

During their stay, the conversation turned to religion. His family was surprised when conversation did not turn into an argument. In fact, the doctrines the Elders shared matched the ones Uncle Fin had been using in his discussions with the local preachers. The next morning, Findley asked the Elders to minister to him before they left. Afterwards he felt so much better, he asked the Elders to return and administer to him again. In short order, his health was completely restored and he and his family were baptised two days later.

Even after the Cane Creek Massacre, and several years of being out of contact with the Church, the Housers remained true to the gospel.

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