Wednesday, October 22, 2008

William Ervin Haley

While looking around for information on the Condor sisters that survived the Cane Creek Massacre, I found this article in Histories and Families: Lewis County, Tennessee.

William E. (Will) Haley was born to John and Nancy (Churchwell) Haley in the Trace Creek Community of Lewis County. John Haley (also known as “Doc”) was a self-taught, unlicensed “county” doctor and farmer. He devoted much of his personal time practicing “country” medicine in the local area. It was on one such late night that left him crippled for the remained of his life.

Will, Vicie, Linda, Annie and Johnny Haley

Will Haley married Vicie Jane Condor, of Mormon faith. They settled on the same farm where Will was born and raised. There they raised three children: Melinda (Lindie), Johnny and Mary Ann (Annie). After the death of John Haley, Will and Vicie took in Will’s mother to live with them. Also living in the same house was Vicie’s sister, Rachel. Will Haley believed in the family, and the fact that family stood by family. These women remained in that household until each of their deaths.

Six grandchildren resulted from the union of Will and Vicie Haley. Melinda married Ollie Barber and they had a son named Carroll. The only son, Johnny, died at age 18 without ever marrying. Mary Ann (Annie) married Val Tatum, and had five children: Clora, Dorothy, Mary Helen, Elsie and Ronald. Clora never married. Dorothy Married Ron Laxton, Mary Helen married Loyd Buie, Elsie married Clyde Webb and Ronald married Jewel Barber.

Will Haley was a life long member of Haley’s Chapel Methodist Church in the Trace Creek Community. An honest hard-working farmer and family man, Will Haley spent his entire life on the same farm where he was born and raised. He lived passed 90 years old and is buried in Dabbs Cemetery.

I have a little more which I’ll add in a future post. For now I’ll let this document stand as it is. Notice there is no indication of Vicie (born Lavicia) or Rachel being at the Cane Creek Massacre, nor is Vicie included in the statement that Will was a member of the Methodist Church.

From a research point of view, the book from which this excerpt came is a treasure. There are hundreds of short biographies maybe a third of them have pictures. I have so many names I want to look up. I'm not even sure where to start.

P.S. Sorry about the quality of the photo. The library did not have photo quality scanning capability. So this is a scan of a regular photocopy. My only other option is to bring some kind of scanner or camera in with me, and, well that not going to happen anytime soon.

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