Friday, December 10, 2010

Jonathan Browning

Originally from Sumner County, Tennessee, Jonathon moved to Quincy, Illinois where he was opened a gun shop and was elected Justice of the Peace. There he met Mormons escaping Missouri and was favorably impressed. Increasingly curious about the Mormons, he made a trip to Nauvoo. After meeting Joseph Smith he converted to Mormonism and moved his gun shop to Nauvoo.

As a young man he had started earning a living as a blacksmith and later switched to become a lock and gunsmith. He invented several kinds of repeating firearms, but his son, John Moses Browning, became the more famous gun maker. After leaving Nauvoo, the Browning family settled at what would become Ogden, Utah.

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Eric Nielson said...

This is my famous relative. Thanks for posting this.