Saturday, December 11, 2010

Charles Lambert

"The day after I arrived, as I had some business to transact with the Prophet Joseph, I went and had an interview with him and William Clayton. I felt good. I went up to the Nauvoo Temple and saw there was work for me, but my dress and general appearance did not bespeak that of a working man. I enquired for those in charge. Reynolds Cahoon presented himself and some others. They tried me very much and sought to make game of me. They took me for a crank and enthusiast. R. Cahoon at last said if you can work we can do with your work, but we have nothing to give you. I replied sharply I have not come here to work for pay I have come to help to build that House, pointing to the Nauvoo Temple. Then they laughed. At this time I had not one penny and an entire stranger. I went to work but how I lived for three weeks I cannot tell.

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