Monday, March 5, 2012

Mormon History Database

I was recently introduced to a database on Mormon History. It is hosted by BYU and is called Studies in Mormon History. I was perhaps hoping for more, but for what it is, it isn't too bad. Primarily it is an online bibliography for articles, books and the like on Mormon history. There are a few links to where you can read the full text, but not for any of the sources I wanted so far. Plus when I went looking for a few specific subjects I found some key sources were missing. After a little digging, however, I found them. Turns out the subject index is completely manual, so if the person creating the entry didn't think to include the subject, it isn't included.

Even with some minor drawbacks, and they are just minor, it is pretty cool to have all that in one place. There is no way I could keep up on all the newest books out there, let alone read them.

P. S. check out the survey on the usefulness of the database too, but only after you have tried it.


Tod Robbins said...

Also of note for anyone familiar with open source: where we are building open source databases on all things Mormon (for now exclusively Mormon). Contact me if you are interested Bruce.

Tay said...

If you're interested, my FIL was a branch president while he (and my husband's family) lived in Tennessee. They lived there from about 1980 on. He might have more modern historical information about the area if/when you'd like it.

Tay said...

I guess I could give you contact info - tay1141 at gmail dot com