Monday, March 19, 2012

Book Signing

A week ago last Tuesday I attended a book signing for Donald Curtis' book on the Cane Creek Massacre. You can read my review of his book here. I started the day by meeting a friend for lunch.Afterwhich we headed over the the library.

The book signing started out slow, but after only 30 minutes, all the books were gone. Apparently, Mr. sold more than he expected at the two previous events he was at that week. I didn't get a chance to talk with everyone who came, but I did speak with about 10 people. A few were taking the opportunity to drive out to the Conder Cemetery.

For me the event was one to connect with others who shared my fascination with this singular event in Church history in the south. As one attendee pointed out, at the most famous gunfight in U.S. history (at the O. K. Corral in 1881) only three people were killed. By that measure Cane Creek should have far more interest. Unlike the famous shoot-out, however, Cane Creek does not have a movie or two about it. I would add that the events at Cane Creek were considerably one sided. Massacre is a more apt word than gun fight.

I ended up staying long after the book signing was over, talking with more than one of the other attendees. No matter what I think of the book, and the fact that he published first, I enjoyed the event.

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