Monday, February 1, 2016

Hampshire Meetinghouse

I have posted a photo of this meeting house before with a groups of people in front of it here. A few weeks back I found more photos, including this one in color. The notes say only that the meeting house was built in 1937, which matches the information I have.

The building is no longer standing. I have been told that after the Church moved on to a larger building in Columbia, the land owner had it torn down and built a home on the spot. 


Utah Experiences said...

I served a full-time mission in Columbia, Tennessee, 1961 to 1963. I remember attending a branch meeting in a building that looked like this one. The branch was moved to a house in Columbia with Brother Bird as branch president.The branch grew very rapidly and now I think there are three wards in Columbia. David L Smith

BruceCrow said...

Very cool David. Feel free to share any stories you may recall.

Today there are two wards in Columbia. The Columbia ward has the south half of the city and south Maury County. It also includes a portion of east Lewis county as far as the Natchez Trace. The Spring Hill Ward covers the north half of the city, nearly all of north Maury county and a small portion of Lewis county as well. The dividing line between the two wards in Hwy 412, which runs east & west through the middle of the city. Thompson Station First ward has a small portion of northern edge of Maury county too. There was a Columbia Second branch (Spanish) for a while but it has been merged with Columbia for a couple years now.