Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Putting Names to the Faces

[I posted this photo a few weeks back. It is a 1948 photo of the Hampshire Tennessee Branch. Recently I met some of the people in the photo and one of them gladly took the time to write down the names as far as she could recall.]

Front row: (left to right) girl unknown, Jean Travis, Kenneth Travis, Raymond Pennington Jr., Carolyn Pennington.
Second row: Helen Travis, Connie Alice Morrow, Rachel Morrow Massey holding her daughter Shorrell, Mildred Morrow (who gave me these names), Ovie Pennington holding her daughter Linda, President Eldridge Travis (who we have heard about before in an earlier post), Glenna Travis, Edna Morrow, Connie Morrow, Maybell Scott, Lidden Faye Morrow, and Robert Morrow.
Back Row: Betty Morrow, Elder Frank Wirig, Mary Morrow, Ruth Scott, Lorothe Rowland, and Eldridge Travis Jr.


Ardis E. Parshall said...


BruceCrow said...

Thanks Ardis.
We have both seen plenty of photos of church units with names we will never know. You have certainly seen more than I have. Here is one less.

lucy travis said...

Eldridge Lee Travis, was my grandfather, his son Thomas Edward Travis was my father, His brother Dean & Jean Travis in Hampshire tn are the record keepers in the family.

Anonymous said...

Great picture! Many people who were a significant part of my life, that I will always love and cherish the good memories. Claudia Smith Belden