Monday, January 19, 2015

Southwest Tennessee Conference

In 1884, just before the Cane Creek Massacre, the West Tennessee Conference was split in two. The Northwest Tennessee Conference and the Southwest Tennessee Conference.

The Southwest Tenn Conference was organized on May 4 1884 and consisted of seven missionaries :
-President J. J. Fuller,
-Joshua Hawks & Lyman A. Shepherd (Decatur Co. & northwest Wayne Co.),
-John S. Linton & Leo A. Bean ( Lauderdale Co., Alabama)
-James A. Ross, Alvin J. McCuistion, (Lawrence Co and Giles Co.)
-George J. Woodbury & Thomas H. Robins (Lawrence Co. and portions of Wayne Co)

There were thirteen Branches on the records, though not all at the same time. Some were formed long before west Tennessee was split. Other came later. Many faded away as members moved west to Utah, Colorado, or Idaho.

Knob Creek Branch in Lawrence Co., Tenn
Reed Patch Branch in Lawrence Co., Tenn
Wolf Creek Branch in Lawrence Co., Tenn & Lauderdale Co., Ala
Blackburn District in Lauderdale Co., Ala
Cypress District in Lauderdale Co., Ala
McNairy & Hardin County of Tenn
Beech Creek Branch in Wayne Co., Tenn
Cedar Creek Branch in Perry Co., Tenn
Crockett County Branch of Tenn
Bedford County of Tenn
Limestone County Branch of Ala
Houston & Dickson County Branch of Tenn
Lincoln County Branch of Tenn

In the subsequent years the boundaries of the Conference were expanded to include most of West Tennessee. Between May 4th 1884 and the last record on August 31st 1888, there were 75 baptisms.

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