Monday, November 17, 2014

Emigration from Southwest Tennessee

Most of us know about the the Mormon Pioneers. Over 70,000 people who followed the call to gather in the west because of their belief in the restoration. There is even an official list: Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel Database. But because someone decided it must have a cut off (I'm not complaining, just making an observation) people who made the same journey after 1869 are not included. Granted, after that date most people went by train for nearly all of the journey. Before that date the train was not an option for much of the way.

From 1869 to 1900, there were still Mormons heading west. My guess is after 1890 and before 1900 the push to gather in Zion was slowly dropped.  Exactly when they stopped is not the point of this post. What is the point of this post is that there were companies organized too late for inclusion on the official list.

In the last couple of years I have been collecting information on who and when. Nothing formal, just making notes when I find something. I have noted it before on this blog and I do so again today. This list comes from the records of the Southwest Tennessee Conference. Operating from 1884-1888, its records cover a little earlier than that since there was some cleaning up of the membership records.

sometime in 1882
Casteel, Florida
Casteel, [illegible]

19 Jul 1882
Detrich, Francis M.

14/15 Nov 1882
Denton, Sam E.
Denton, Geo T.

Sometime in 1883
Nunneley, Miranda
Nunneley, Wm

15 Mar 1883
Denton, Jesse M.
Denton, Mary A.

26 Mar 1883
Stanfield, Eliza J.

28 Jul 1883
Miller, Nicholas Wm

November 1883 (based on other sources)
Braly, Octavia E.
Braley, Gaston La[Fayette] (See here.)
Braley, Nancy M. S.
Braley, Byron E.

15 Nov 1883
Denton, Elijah C.
Woods, Martha F L M
Balcomb, Jones S.
Miller, Sarah B
Miller, Mary B
Miller, John F

22 Mar 1884
Inmon, Samuel
Rainbolt, David A
Rainbolt, Betsy A
Clark, Merry S G
Miller, Phillip
Detrich, Argant
Denton, John W.
Denton, Rebecca J.
Rainbolt, Sarah E.
Miller, Virginia
Miller, Elizabeth F.

May 1885
Brown, Walter F[illegible]

18 Nov 1885
Cummings, Gordon Harvey

sometime in 1886
Brown, Sam'l David
Brown, Margaret
Brown, David Hugh

25 Aug 1886
Gilbert, Mary Catharine
Chambers, David Samuel
Chambers, Julihe Isabel
Barnett, Martha Ann
Gilbert, Leander Jackson

11 Nov 1886
Downing, [Sister]

1 Mar 1887
Acklin, Francis
McMurtrey, Frances Adaline
Gilbert, Thomas
Butler, Virginia Caroline
Gilbert, Martha Jane
Aaron, Elizabeth Ann
Gilbert, Ada M.
Aaron, Carolone E.
Aaron, Geo J. M.
Aaron, James M. E. M.

22 Nov 1887
Helton, Nancy Francis


Amy T said...

Now this is interesting. I keep a number of lists like this, compiled sets of information, perhaps hoping that someday they'll contain enough data to spark a discovery, or reveal some pattern, or perhaps more practically, end up as an appendix.

BruceCrow said...

Yes, to all of that. Especially the appendix fodder. Plus, since it is online, and therefore "Google searchable" I may get a hit from one of their descendants, which is as close to click bait as I care to get.