Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pioneers who came too late to count

The Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel Database covers a period that ends with the arrival of the railroad to Utah in 1869. It is a reasonable cut off. I would never suggest that cut off be changed. But pioneers continued to come for many years (and still do today, but that is the subject for some other blog). I'll admit pioneer may not be the right word. Perhaps pilgrim is more appropriate.

After the organization of the Southern States Mission in 1875, some mission presidents organized companies of saints to go to Zion. For as long as the mission was based in Chattanooga, sometimes once or even twice a year, a company left for the west. John Morgan was probably the first to really bring order to these companies. He negotiated purchase agreements with the rail companies. He assigned missionaries to accompany the emigrants, sometimes even going himself.

Andrew Jenson noted a particularly large company of eighty left on November 13, 1884 bound for Colorado and Utah. But no where have I been able to find lists of any of the these pioneers. That surprises me considering how meticulous we are about keeping records. Perhaps someday ......

But from Cane Creek I know a few names and approximate dates. It isn't a complete list, but it is a start.

Spring 1881 - Colorado

Blanton, Burwell
Blanton (nee Tatum), Emily
Whitwell, Susan Palthena
Whitwell, John Marshall
Whitwell, Osce Jackson

Autumn 1883 - Colorado
Lancaster, Rachel
Depriest, James Houston
Depriest (nee Talley), Margaret Eisabel
Depriest, Thomas Walker
Depriest (nee Talley), Margaret Ellen
Depriest, Pleasant W.
Depriest (nee Fuller), Martha E.
Depriest, Mary Jane
Depriest, Sarah A. L.
Depriest, William Jason

May 1884 - Utah
Westbrook, John Douglas
Shaw, Lavina
Turner, Nancy "Josie"

November 13, 1884 - Colorado
Talley, Elisha Freeland
Talley (nee Hudson), Barbara Ellen
Talley, Leona Evelyn
Talley, Andrew Jackson
Talley, Ulysses Britt
Talley, Lewis Scott
Lancaster, John M.
Lancaster (nee Talley), Sarah Elizabeth
Lancaster, Margaret
Lancaster, Mary Maude
Lancaster, Martha M.
Lancaster, John William
Lancaster, Elizabeth
Lancaster, Jesse Witfield
Sealy, William
Sealy (nee Talley), Mary Ann


Amy said...

That's a good start even if you find no more than that, but hopefully you will find more!

You're doing great work.

Ardis Parshall said...

That's an amazing start. It seems to me there ought to be a central place to memorialize those who came in organized LDS companies, no matter how late the date. But it seems like one of those projects that calls for the right person with the right passion to start and maintain it.

I think you're doing great to concentrate on your specialized interest in those pioneers from the other end of the trail (or tracks, or however all these other pioneers and companies came).

BruceCrow said...

Thanks, both of you. It may be this list will have to come together slowly, one family at a time.

Bessie said...

I may have found one Tennessee emigrant in Salt Lake City on November 17, 1884.

BruceCrow said...

Thanks Bessie.
Pheobe was from Shady Grove, TN. I've read her name in passing in a few places. Her family was large and very interesting. Some went to Utah, others stayed in Tennessee. I didn't know she went to Utah. Sounds like it's time to research more about Pheobe herself.