Monday, December 17, 2012

Tennessean Saints in the Colorado 1885 Census Part II

The second half of the Conejos County, Colorado 1885 Census includes people from the rest of the county. You can see my first post here.

Some quick notes on what I did not find. There were some families I expected to find but did not. None of the DePriest family were listed, although I good evidence that they were there at the time. And the Lancaster family was not listed., or the Campbell family, or the Blanton family. In the absence of so many families, I am beginning to wonder if I need to rethink my assumptions. Yes, these families certainly went to Colorado. I know when they left. But am I sure when they arrived? Did they live there year round?

The family of George Conder left their home on the Perry County portion of Cane Creek in 1883, but they stopped in Obion County, Tennessee along the way, and stayed for a few years. The family of Phillip Miller stopped in Indiana for a season, went back to Tennessee for a year and then finally went all the way to Colorado. Only their oldest son Nicholas made it in time for the 1885 Census. Maybe some families stopped along the way to earn more money. Maybe they found no work in Conejos County, and spend a few months in farm labor in neighboring counties. Maybe the 1885 Colorado Census represents a flawed process that missed whole groups of people.

As an interesting and unrelated side note, I found a wide variety of people form many countries living in Conejos County. Most were born in Colorado or New Mexico, but there were merchants from Russia, carpenters from Germany, farmers from Mexico, even four people from China. Love it!! But for this exercise, I transcribed just the households where someone was from Tennessee.

Last First Sex Age Birth Residence
Wood James F. M 29 Tenn Dist 1
Wood Ella W 24 Tenn Dist 1
Kari Francis M M 40 Tenn Dist 1
Kari Karrist A. F 36 Tenn Dist 1
Kari Jas F. M 16 Tenn Dist 1
Kari Mary E. F 14 Tenn Dist 1
Kari Jas. F. M 13 Tenn Dist 1
Kari Louisa H. F 11 Tenn Dist 1
Kari Annie I. F 9 Tenn Dist 1
Kari Dolitha D. F 7 Tenn Dist 1
Kari Nattie F 4 Tenn Dist 1
Kari Ellen E. F 2 Colo Dist 1
Reed E. R. M 35 Tenn Dist 1
Reed Sarah J. F 29 Tenn Dist 1
Reed Weeley M M 11 Tenn Dist 1
Reed Everett E. M 8 Tenn Dist 1
Roper John M. M 46 Ireland Dist 1
Roper Catherine F 43 Ireland Dist 1
Roper Jas J. M 17 Tenn Dist 1
Roper Cecelia F 16 Tenn Dist 1
Roper Barth M 14 Tenn Dist 1
Roper Mary E. F 12 Colo Dist 1
Roper Francis M 10 Colo Dist 1
Roper Anthony M 8 Colo Dist 1
Pursley J. C. M 35 SC Dist 1
Pursley Sarah F 36 Tenn Dist 1
Pursley Frank M 12 Tenn Dist 1
Pursley Henry M 10 Tenn Dist 1
Pursley Wayne M 7 Tenn Dist 1
Pursley Charles M 5 Tenn Dist 1
Pursley Erastus M 3 Tenn Dist 1
Rutledge Henry M 37 Ga Dist 1
Rutledge Sascoba F 33 SC Dist 1
Rutledge James M 16 Ala Dist 1
Rutledge Martha F 13 Tenn Dist 1
Rutledge John M 10 Tenn Dist 1
Rutledge Joseph M 8 Tenn Dist 1
Rutledge Berdie F 6 Ala Dist 1
Rutledge Barby F 3 Tenn Dist 1
Hunt John M 24 Tenn Dist 1
Hunt Mary F 27 Tenn Dist 1
Miller Nicholas M 21 Tenn Dist 1
Miller Angeline F 20 Ala Dist 1
Palmer Ella F 54 Tenn Dist 1
Spencer Thomas M 35 Tenn Dist 1
Spencer Malinda F 18 Illinois Dist 1
Spencer Mattie F 1 Colo Dist 1
Spencer Morgan M 62 Tenn Dist 1
Spencer Sophia F 57 Tenn Dist 1
Spencer Irene F 18 Mont Dist 1
Spencer Orilla F 16 Mont Dist 1
Spencer Maggie F 13 Colo Dist 1
Carman Effie B. F 3 Colo Dist 1
Tipton Martha F 34 Tenn Dist 1
Tipton Sarah F 19 Mont Dist 1
Tipton Wm C. M 17 Mont Dist 1
Tipton Ida F 15 Mont Dist 1
Tipton Eva F 15 Mont Dist 1
Tipton John M 13 Colo Dist 1
Tipton Anna F 10 Colo Dist 1
Tipton May F 6 Colo Dist 1
Wood Ed K M 32 Illinois Dist 1
Wood Kattie F 25 Tenn Dist 1
Wood Gertrude F 6m Kansas Dist 1
Brown Jas. R. M 56 Tenn Dist 1
Brown Hannah F 57 Ohio Dist 1
Jack Robt M 26 Tenn Dist 1
Jack Mary F 20 Tenn Dist 1
Jack Mary F 1 Colo Dist 1
B---- Bill M 20 Tenn Dist 1
Lambert W M 45 Tenn Dist 1
Lambert Hannah F 40 Tenn Dist 1
Lambert Charles M 9 Tenn Dist 1
Lambert Samil M 7 Tenn Dist 1
Lambert Jane F 3 Colo Dist 1
Mayfield John M 40 Tenn Dist 1
Mayfield Isabel F 35 Tenn Dist 1
Mayfield Samuel M 18 Tenn Dist 1
Mayfield Thomas M 17 Tenn Dist 1
Mayfield Charles M 15 Tenn Dist 1
Mayfield Albert M 12 Tenn Dist 1
Mayfield Eliza F 7 Tenn Dist 1
Mayfield B. F 4 Tenn Dist 1
Mayfield Letta E. F 1 Tenn Dist 1
Rutledge Henry M 37 Tenn Dist 1
Rutledge Bertha F 35 Tenn Dist 1
Rutledge James M 17 Tenn Dist 1
Rutledge Joseph M 11 Tenn Dist 1
Rutledge Sally F 13 Tenn Dist 1
Rutledge John M 9 Tenn Dist 1
Rutledge Jennsie F 5 Tenn Dist 1
Rutledge Thos M 3 Tenn Dist 1
Schoolfield Wm M 28 Tenn Dist 1
Lee Charles M 23 Tenn Dist 1
Lemion E. A. M 28 Tenn Dist 1
Kanaster W.L. M 23 Ga Dist 1
Kanaster Mary F 22 Tenn Dist 1
Church Arthur M 27 Tenn Dist 1
Church P. A. F 25 Tenn Dist 1
Church J.E.  M 4 Colo Dist 1
Church A. A.  F 2 Colo Dist 1
McDonald  D. F 50 NC Dist 1
McDonald  F F 16 NC Dist 1
Easterday H. E. M 67 Va Dist 1
Easterday E. A.  F 50 Tenn Dist 1
Bailey L F 17 Tenn Dist 1
Hightamer Wm M 24 Tenn Dist 1
Hightamer R. E. F 19 Tenn Dist 1
Koppinger Saur M 38 Tenn Dist 1
Chance John M 47 England Dist 1
Chance Martha F 40 Tenn Dist 1
Chance Annie F 21 Kansas Dist 1
Chance Robt M 16 Kansas Dist 1
Chance Mary F 10 Kansas Dist 1
Lewis J. H. M 42 Tenn Dist 1
Lewis Mary A. F 39 Illinois Dist 1
Lewis Ida M. F 19 Kansas Dist 1
Lewis Geo M. M 18 Kansas Dist 1
Lewis Charles M 16 Kansas Dist 1
Lewis Wilbur M 5 Colo Dist 1
Lewis Mertie F 3 Colo Dist 1
Woods Sarah F 26 Tenn Dist 1


BruceCrow said...

I do have to note that I did find two of the three DePriest families. One was listed as being from Texas, but the names and ages all matched. Leaving me to wonder if the census taker made a mistake or if the family wanted to be recorded as having come from Texas for some reason. It certainly makes me rethink the practicality of my approach.

The second DePriest family had their last name mangled to DeForest, not just in the transcription, but in the hand written version as well. Same census taker, but perhaps Thomas' southern accent was much thicker than Jim's. Or maybe there was a fight between the brothers and Thomas wanted to change his name. [/end baseless speculation]

The third brother, Pleasant, and his family was no where to be found.

Michelle Taggart said...

I have a little soft cover booklet with the cocks comb binding called "Clarinda's Story of San Luis Valley Roots" and in it there is a little write up about DePriests that was submitted by a family member. It indicates that DePriests arrived in the valley April 1, 1883. It mentioned that those that traveled together were George F. Knight and family, George Irvin family, the Joe Land Family, Kellys and Hunt's father (Joe), the family of Branch's, Buck Dennison Jr., Morgue Valentine, Brakefield's family, J.H. DePriest, T.W. DePriest, James M. Valentine and wife (and children Henry, Sherman, Mary, Beck and Amanda Valentine), Nancy V. Beecroft, Rose V. Sellers and Jane V. Sellers. They went to Manassa. Like you, I went to the 1885 Colorado Census on Ancestry and was able to find J.H. DePriest and T.W. DePriest, and like you, noticed that T.W. DePriest is listed as Deforest, but he is living among the others that are mentioned in this write up, so I feel confident that it is him. But it is interesting the Pleasant DePriest is not mentioned in this booklet as having traveled with them in going to the valley. Another descendant submitted a write up about their DePriest family also and they also did not mention Pleasant coming with them. They indicated that they were met in Romeo by the Kirtlands and Sellers families and then were taken to Manassa. Being a relative newcomer to your blog, maybe this is all old news and if so I apologize. I’ve started reading back through your posts, but haven’t read them all.

BruceCrow said...

Thank you Michelle. That is actually very helpful. In fact, I'd love to get my hands on a copy of that book, for several reasons. Do you know who put it together?

I have been finding other evidence that suggests Pleasant and Martha and their three children didn't leave Cane Creek until Nov 1884. It is still circumstantial but your addition is pushing it in that direction. It will most likely come down to evaluating the credibility of conflicting accounts, so any background you can provide on Clarinda's book would be appreciated.