Monday, December 3, 2012

Tennessean Saints in the Colorado 1885 Census

I was revising a section of my book on Cane Creek earlier this week and I realized I left a small whole in my research. I am sure that has never happened to anyone else. As you may or may not know in November 1884, J. Golden Kimball made one last trip to Cane Creek to finalize the emigration of any saints who wanted to leave for their own safety. Plans had been in the works for a couple of months, and the Church paid much of the cost for transportation. The greatest expense was the losses taken by those saints who sold their homes and farms for a small fraction of their true value.

Contemporary reports indicate that 20+ members emigrated from Cane Creek and settled in Conejos County, Colorado. Working from a list of members I had cobbled together, I have identified seventeen people in three families who made the trip. That list includes Eli & Barby Talley and their four children William & Mary Seeley and their daughter and John & Sarah Lancaster and their six children. 

It has bothered my mild OCD tendencies to miss one other family who appears to have made the trip as well. But based on my research the other families who were members of the branch all went other places; other counties in Tennessee, or other states like Missouri. I was missing something, someone, but I couldn't figure out what.

Part of my problem was the lack of good records on who was baptized at Cane Creek. Missionary journals from 1879 to mid 1881 are pretty good at listing every baptism at the small branch since its formation. And from late 1883 through 1884 there are more good journals. But for about two years in between there is little to no information about who was baptized. I know there were some, at least three who were named as members who were baptized during that time, but I wonder if there were more. Is there another family whose presence in the November 1884 emigration company I can not ascertain simply because I don't know their name.

Oddly enough this was the time when perhaps the most famous missionary to every serve at Cane Creek was there: B. H.Roberts. But even with his journal and his autobiography he just doesn't give enough detail to piece together the rest. There could have been several baptisms about which I know nothing.

So this week I started to systematically attempt to fill the whole. In 1885 Colorado conducted a census. I figured, if there was a family from Cane Creek who went to Colorado in November 1884, they would probably still be there in June 1885. I began with Section 2 of the Census for Conejos County. Section 2 appears to list families who lived in towns, whereas Section 1 lists those outside towns. I'll get back to section 1 later, but Mormon settlement patterns at the time seems to favor being in the towns. I transcribed every family that had at least one member born in Tennessee. Over the next little while I will try to find out which families were LDS and where each family joined the Church.

So below is my list. Those of you who have done family research in Tennessee, is there a name you recognize? I see a few I recognized right off. 

Last First Sex Age Birth Residence
Downey A. J. M 33 Tenn Manassa
Downey M. C. F 25 Ga Manassa
Downey J. H. M 8 Ga Manassa
Downey J. M. M 6 Tenn Manassa
Downey A. J. M 4 Ga Manassa
Downey J. W. M 1 Colo Manassa
Adams John M 47 Va Manassa
Adams G. M. F 38 Tenn Manassa
Adams W. J. M 20 Colo Manassa
Adams A. F 14 Colo Manassa
Adams Jas F 11 Colo Manassa
Adams G. A. F 7 Colo Manassa
Huffaker J. A. M 52 Tenn Manassa
Huffaker M. A. F 49 SC Manassa
Huffaker W. B. M 18 Ga Manassa
Huffaker T. O. M 14 Ala Manassa
Huffaker L. E. F 12 Ala Manassa
Jack J. H.  M 53 Tenn Manassa
Jack G. A. F 44 Ala Manassa
Jack M. F 20 Ala Manassa
Jack Allen M 17 Ala Manassa
Jack Preston M 15 Ala Manassa
Jack Elida F 13 Ala Manassa
Jack John M 11 Ala Manassa
Jack Ala F 9 Ala Manassa
Jack Ada F 7 Ala Manassa
Jack May F 3 Ala Manassa
Rard Land F 54 Tenn Manassa
Irvin W. G. M 26 Ark Manassa
Irvin E. S. F 25 Tenn Manassa
Irvin M. B. F 4 Tenn Manassa
DeForest G. W. M 26 Tenn Manassa
DeForest M. D. F 27 Tenn Manassa
DeForest W. O. M 3 Tenn Manassa
DeForest H. R. M 1 Colo Manassa
Moore T. P. M 37 Tenn Manassa
Moore S. J.  F 30 Tenn Manassa
Moore Annie F 12 Tenn Manassa
Moore Nora F 10 Tenn Manassa
Moore Henry M 7 Tenn Manassa
Moore Florence F 4 Colo Manassa
Moore T. P. M 2 Colo Manassa
Tally E. T. M 50 Tenn Manassa
Tally B. E. F 52 Tenn Manassa
Tally L. E. F 20 Tenn Manassa
Tally H. E. M 17 Tenn Manassa
Tally U. B. M 14 Tenn Manassa
Tally L. C. M 9 Tenn Manassa
Seely Wm M 39 Tenn Manassa
Seely M. C. F 26 Tenn Manassa
Seely S. B. F 11 Tenn Manassa
Marcon W. M 59 Ga Manassa
Marcon M. W. F 34 Tenn Manassa
Marcon R. A. M 12 Ga Manassa
Irvin G. W. M 27 Ark Ephraim
Irvin E. S. F 24 Tenn Ephraim
Irvin M. B. F 4 Colo Ephraim
Reed John M 44 Tenn Ephraim
Reed P. F 34 Ark Ephraim
Reed M. E. F 15 Tenn Ephraim
Reed M. F 14 Tenn Ephraim
Reed Josephine F 12 Tenn Ephraim
Reed J. B. M 9 Tenn Ephraim
Witte K. F 8 Tenn Ephraim
Witte R. H. M 7 Tenn Ephraim
Witte H. B. M 6 Tenn Ephraim
Witte R. E. F 4 Colo Ephraim
Witte W. R M 6m Colo Ephraim
Schneider J. M 43 Switzerland Ephraim
Schneider M. C. F 42 Germany Ephraim
Schneider John M 19 Tenn Ephraim
Schneider Maggie F 15 Tenn Ephraim
Schneider Charles M 11 Tenn Ephraim
Schneider Christian M 8 Tenn Ephraim
Schneider M. J. M 4 Tenn Ephraim
Reed J. W. M 37 Tenn Ephraim
Reed J. H.  F 29 Tenn Ephraim
Reed J. G. M 10 Tenn Ephraim
Reed A. L. F 7 Tenn Ephraim
Reed N. F. F 5 Tenn Ephraim
Reed H. M. F 3 Colo Ephraim
Reed A. J. F 8m Colo Ephraim
Mayfield John M 40 Tenn Ephraim
Mayfield Elizabeth F 36 Tenn Ephraim
Mayfield Sam M 18 Tenn Ephraim
Mayfield Thomas M 16 Tenn Ephraim
Mayfield Chas M 14 Tenn Ephraim
Mayfield Job M 12 Tenn Ephraim
Mayfield Laura F 7 Tenn Ephraim
Mayfield B. E. F 3 Tenn Ephraim
Mayfield L. F 1 Tenn Ephraim
Denton E. C. M 61 Tenn Richfield
Denton M. A. F 52 Tenn Richfield
Denton S. M 23 Tenn Richfield
Denton G. M 21 Tenn Richfield
Denton J. M 18 Tenn Richfield
Denton I. M 13 Tenn Richfield
Denton B. F 12 Tenn Richfield
Inman Samuel M 65 Tenn Richfield
Hurst S. W. M 37 Tenn Richfield
Hurst H. J. F 26 Tenn Richfield
Hurst M. J. F 13 Tenn Richfield
Hurst J. M. M 9 Tenn Richfield
Hurst M. J. F 7 Tenn Richfield
Hurst E. M. F 4 Tenn Richfield
Hurst W. M 5 Tenn Richfield
Hurst H. B. M 1 Colo Richfield
Brakefield M. A. F 58 Tenn Richfield
Brakefield A. B. M 33 Mo Richfield
Brakefield S. B. F 25 Tenn Richfield
Kilpatrick J. M. M 18 Tenn Richfield
Dickson L. P. M 14 Tenn Richfield
Dickson M. L. M 8 Tenn Richfield
Rainbolt D. M 47 Tenn Richfield
Rainbolt E. F 39 Tenn Richfield
Rainbolt M. S. F 21 Tenn Richfield
Rainbolt S. E. F 18 Tenn Richfield
Rainbolt L. F. M 7 Tenn Richfield
Thacker W. H. M 27 Tenn Richfield
Thacker B. C. F 26 Tenn Richfield
Thacker W. H. M 2 Tenn Richfield
Denton John M 29 Tenn Richfield
Denton B. F 28 Tenn Richfield
Denton Thomas M 10 Tenn Richfield
Denton Elizabeth F 7 Tenn Richfield
Denton Mary F 6 Tenn Richfield
Denton N. M 5 Tenn Richfield
Denton Sam M 1 Tenn Richfield
Blair A. S. M 58 Tenn Antonito
Blair N. B. F 47 Ala Antonito
Blair A. G. M 23 Utah Antonito
Blair J. H.  M 21 Utah Antonito
Blair N. C. F 18 Utah Antonito
Blair E. L. F 16 Utah Antonito
Blair M. C. F 14 Utah Antonito
Brown B. K. M 36 Tenn Antonito
Mayere F. B. M 58 Tenn Antonito
Mayere C. E. F 49 NC Antonito
Mayere L. J. M 12 Ga Antonito
Mayere C. L. F 9 Ga Antonito
Mayere H. H.  F 6 Colo Antonito
Seward G. W. M 45 Tenn Conejos Canon
Seward Mary F 32 Ohio Conejos Canon
Seward John M 16 Utah Conejos Canon
Seward Annie F 8 Utah Conejos Canon
Huffaker H. L. M 60 Tenn Rincones
Huffaker H. F 55 Ga Rincones
Huffaker M. R. M 19 Ga Rincones
Bronson A. J.  M 65 Tenn Serviletto
Bronson Nancy F 63 Miss Serviletto
Bronson M. H.  M 41 Miss Serviletto
Bronson T. W.  M 39 Miss Serviletto
Bronson J. H.  M 37 Miss Serviletto
Bronson A. J. Jr. M 34 Miss Serviletto
Bronson C. P.  M 31 Miss Serviletto
Bronson R. D.  M 29 Miss Serviletto
Bronson J. A.  M 27 Miss Serviletto
Bronson J. D.  M 23 Miss Serviletto
Berletson Chas M 32 Tenn Serviletto
Berletson John M 26 Tenn Serviletto
Heiselt H. C. M 44 Tenn Serviletto
Heiselt M. J. F 25 Ohio Serviletto
Heiselt Flora F 12 Utah Serviletto
Heiselt J. N. M 10 Utah Serviletto
Heiselt George M 8 Utah Serviletto


Ardis said...

No help from this direction, only praise and encouragement. Your determination to know everyone connected to your story, and your creativity in research, really are inspiring.

BruceCrow said...

Well, I figure since I can't learn all there is about Mormon history generally to compete with some very smart people in the field, I might as well get to know this one thing really well. Isn't specialist someone who learns more and more details about an increasingly narrow subject until they know absolutely everything about nearly nothing?

Amy said...

Very impressive. Some of those names are familiar from the history and I think one of the Heiselts married into the Morgan family.

BruceCrow said...

Thanks Amy. I was wondering if I transcribed "Heiselt" correctly.

I have also since noticed that some families from the same area of Tennessee settled in the same town. The Dentons, Inmans, Brakefields, and Rainbolts are all from Perry County, Tenn., and they have all settled in Richfield.

Marjorie Reed said...

Pictures of 3 of the tombstones of people you mentioned can be found in the Sanford CO Cemetery.
They are Josephine Reed Pearl who has a book written about her, John Beverly Reed and John Leverett Reed.
We also have in our posession two very old pictures that we believe to be DePriests from Manassa, but there is no one who can identify them.