Monday, July 2, 2012

It Would Not Burn

The following describes an event which occurred in 1898 in southern middle Tennessee, about halfway between Nashville and Chattanooga.

By Elder N. Donald Forsyth
Written for the Southern Star
During the past few months in which I have been laboring as a traveling Elder in Tennessee, I have been permitted to witness many manifestations of the power of God. I desire to make mention of one particular instance:
While Elder J. P. Dalley and myself were traveling as companions in Bedford County, we canvassed one day the city of Wartrace, a railroad station, in the eastern part of the county. We had visited a number of families, when we came to the home of a lady whose husband (a minister) was not then in. After introducing ourselves and making known the object of our visit, we presented her with a tract and resumed our walk down the street.
We visited the houses below, and, returning, passed by the house before mentioned. In the meantime the gentleman had returned; and as we passed his door he came out and held up before us the tract we had left, struck a match and held to its open leaves the flame. The fire blazed up as if to consume it, but, lo! it would not burn!
Thus baffled in his attempt to destroy those sacred pages, he withdrew, leaving us to witness to the well known fact, that every time the adversary of the great cause arrays himself against it with a view to its suppression – he is defeated.

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