Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Family Photos

One of the resons I like a blog as a medium for sharing Mormon history is that it encourages feedback from readers. Well, this was a week for feed back. 
Solomon J Hinson

One reader sent in two photographs of his ancestors who, according to family tradition were among the vigilantes who attacked the Conder home in 1884. 

The two were father and son Solomon Jordan Hinson and John Andrew Hinson (aka Turkey John).

The story was originally told by Clyde Hinson, a granson of Turkey John.

Turkey John Hinson

"He told us that his grand father 'John A. Hinson' was there, and did take part in the terrible day. He told me also about what kind of person John was, and it was not good. Clyde said that he was a very mean person who cared only about himself. He said that he use to ride his mule up and down Indian Creek with his shotgun by his side."

 But I also found it interesting that this reader had relatives on both side of the conflict. While his grandmother was a Hinson, his grandfather was a Carroll. There were several members of the Carroll family who were members of the Cane Creek Branch, including Malinda Carroll Conder.

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Ardis E. Parshall said...

How wonderful that you've found descendants (or they've found you?) and that they were willing to share these. Thanks to them and you.