Monday, November 29, 2010

Ward Christmas Activity

My ward is having a Christmas Party with a Nauvoo 1843 theme. We're supposed to come in costume and we have a host of activities that are meant to enhance the experience. different auxilaries have "booths" that correspomd to spots in old Nauvoo; a bakery, the Red Brick Storehouse, and more. I suggested we make little posters that tell a brief history of some one there, perhaps relatives of ward members or people from Tennessee who lived there. Maybe a quote from their journal like the signs along Pratt Street in Nauvoo today.

So yesterday at church we asked the ward members for the names of their relatives at Nauvoo, if they have any. I'll gather same names of those from Tennessee and we'll see what we come up with. For relatives, so far we have Patty Sessions, Alpheus Gifford, Calvin Fletcher, Edward Miller, Gilbert Belnap, Parley Pratt, Stephen Markham, Mary Curtis, Charles Lambert, Ann Cannon, and Daniel Miller. I also want to include saints who lived in Tennessee but later moved to Nauvoo, like Hayden Wells Church, Lavina Murphy, Randolph & Myrza Alexander, and Mary Abel.

Really this is not more difficult than a blog post. And I certainly don't want anything longer than a blog post, probably much, much shorter. Have any of you done something like this before? And do you have any suggestions?

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BruceCrow said...

I'll post some samples of the posters we'll use.