Thursday, November 25, 2010

Elders in his MTC Distric

I was reading though my great grandfather's mission journal and found a list of the missionaries that went with him. I found the list fascinating, and thought you might as well. My great grandfather is first on this list. I recognized one other name in this group. Are there ones you recognize?

Joseph F. Miller - Farmington, UT - Bairds Mill, TN
Joshua Hawks - Franklin, ID - Duck River, TN
John H. Gibbs - Paradise, UT - Duck River, TN
Robert Pearce Jr. - Paradise, UT - Duck River, TN
Thomas Godfrey - Clarkston, UT - Powells River, TN
Thomas Griffin - Clarkston, UT - Powells River, TN
Charles Shumway - Clarkston, UT - Springville, AL
Geo. A Biglow - Millville, UT - Valley, VA
Jens Jenson - Mendon, UT - Valley, VA
A. H. Richards - Mendon, UT - Moscow, AL
J. S. Willie - Mendon, UT - Moscow, AL
Andrew Israelson - Hyrum, UT - Spruce Pine, AL
Orsomell Wilson - Hyrum, UT - Spruce Pine, AL
Wm. Rigby Jr. - Newton, UT - Spruce Pine, AL
John Davidson - Benson, UT - Whittaker, SC
Andrew Spence - Wellsville, UT - Stewartsville, VA
John H. Maughn - Wellsville, UT - Stewartsville, VA
Joel Ricks Jr. - Logan, UT - Stewartsville, VA
Joseph Morell - Logan, UT - Stewartsville, VA
J. L. Ferrin - Eden, UT - Travelers Rest, AL
H. S. Beattie - Salt Lake City, UT - Travelers Rest, AL
Peter Soutsensock - Lehi, UT - Travelers Rest, AL
Joseph Safish Salina - Sevier, UT - Travelers Rest, AL

Among other things, I noticed that several of them were from the same town. Not only that, but three quarters were from Cache county, which at the time I believe was one stake. This was certainly no accident. There was something about Church policy at the time driving this. Anyone know what it was?

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judy canty martin said...

I recognize JOseph Willey and Elder Ferrin. His brother Moroni was a big player with my Catawba Indians in South Carolina, same mission. I am looking for photos and journals to add to my collection.