Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tennessee Mission Song

The last Mission Song was for a mission that no longer exists. This one is more current. Still no hint of the music it should be sung to, but why let that stop us.


I was called to labor in Tennessee
Chosen by the Lord
To teach to His people, the truths that He restored
Tennessee, my home where I labor
Called of God I serve
Preaching, teaching, searching for those, kind and loving souls
Green hill and valleys ever calling me
I have come to serve thee, the hills of Tennessee

I met people so kind and friendly
Cheerish will they be
The time spent together, will never come again
These precious memories of Tennessee
Now belong to me
Brother, sisters dear to me, helping others to see
Green hills and valleys ever calling me
I will not forget thee, the hills of Tennessee

by Elder Britt Farington Koevan
Tennessee Nashville Mission Website

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