Sunday, February 21, 2010

Charles Henry Crow Part 4 (Harness Shop)

My great great granfather owned a harness shop in Salt Lake City. Actually he owned more than one. The first shop at (somewhere on East Temple) he had with a partner, Daniel Seegmiller, with whom he had worked in New York and had introduced to the Gospel. When Charles had saved enough to moved west, Daniel went with him. It was at the first shop that which he killed a burglar. He also had his own shop later in life on 58 E 1st South.

Not long ago I visited an uncle in Salt Lake and he showed me a photo of the second harness shop. I tracked down an electronic version which I have posted here. It looks like a Independence Day celebration. It is dated 1898. I can see ghost images of flags as well as other more stable (no pun intended) images of flags and decorations. Charles is the one in the center. I don't know for sure who the other two are. They might be two of his sons who were in business with him. Charles Spencer Crow (my great grandfather) looks a little like the one on the left. Thomas Crow (I have no other photos of Thomas to compare this with) could be the one on the right
The business was passed to his sons, though whether this exact building was, I don't know. The business didn't last another generation. The one-two punch of the invention of the automobile and Great Depression took their toll. Today all that remains are a few leatherworking tools and a photograph. My uncle donated the original photograph to the Utah Historical Society.

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