Sunday, June 29, 2008

Charles Henry Crow: Part 3 (Constable)

In 1874 was elected to the position of Constable of the fifth Precinct of Salt Lake City. He served for several years. Charles was not afraid of mobs. And there were several incidents involving unruly non-Mormons at the time. One was called the Half Mast Incident.

On July 4th 1885, the American flag was flown at half mast in protest of the anti-polygamy laws that were being passed. The premise was that liberty was dead. The non Mormon Community was up in arms. One group marched on ZCMI which had a flag pole with its flag at half mast. Charles was among those called to restore order and disperse the mob. Anti-Mormon newspaper accounts cast Charles in less than favorable light, but include his threat to knock down anyone who tried to raise the flag to the top of the pole. Even in the presence of a mob his threat was credible enough that no one decided to test him.

My grandfather had in his possession some items belonging to Charles. They included a saber, a set of brass knuckles, and a lead shot filled billy club. Unfortunately these items were stolen a few years before my grandfather passed away.

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