Saturday, January 16, 2010

Michigan notes

I am a Healthcare Analyst by profession. Because of that I have spend much of the last four months in Michigan. It has got me thinking about the history of the LDS church in Michigan, though I've had very little time to do any research on the ground.

Some of my ancestors joined the church here. Pontiac, Michigan to be exact.  Joseph Smith's mother (Lucy) and brother (Hyrum) made the trip to Pontiac to visit her sister in 1831. Lucy had hoped her sister's family would embrace the gospel, though only a few did. Instead, a number of others joined including three brothers of the Curtis family, from one of whom I am descended. Other missionaries followed, including Joseph Smith himself in 1834.

A handfull of the coverts living in Michigan joined Zion's Camp including another ancestor of mine, Ornan Houghton. More branches were formed and by the time of Joseph Smith's death there were dozens throughout the state.

In 1848 James Strang led his followers to Beaver Island where they stayed until they were brutally removed in 1856 following Stang's murder.

Today the Michigan is associated with the Romney family because of George W. Romney who was governor of Michigan from 1963-1969. And then there is his son Mitt.

There are eight stakes and a temple in Michigan.

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