Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Henry Green Boyle

In 1876, Henry Green Boyle was chosen to head the missionary work in the US south. He had been there before the previous year with George Teasdale, D. P. Bainey, Joseph Standing, John Morgan, John D. H. McCallister, David H. Perry, and John Winder. Any of those name sound familiar? Now he was returning with an official title: President of the Southern States Mission. It included Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Virginia.

His first set of missionaries were Elders William Calder, J. W. Sharp, J. P. Wimmer, J. S. Page Jr., Samuel Worsencroft, Samuel Douglas, Charles Brewerton, William C Whightman, Joseph Argyle, J. W. Thomas, John C. Harper, and Franklin Haymore.

President was released to return home in January 1878. Elder John Morgan was appointed in his stead. His journals and other papers are archived at BYU.

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