Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wants to be a Mormon

The following article appeared in the Lawrenceburg Press of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee on June 5 1885. I think is conveys the negative attitute toward Mormon prevalent at the time.

Wants to be a Mormon

Mr. Blank – “Do you know, my dear,
that at this season of the year I almost
wish I was a Mormon, because – ”
Mrs. Blank – “You horrid old brute.
I always knew – ”
Mr. Blank – “Patience, my love; I
could not care for anyone but you, only
you see – ”
Mrs. Blank – “Oh! Yes, Mr. Blank, I
see. I have seen for some time, and I’m
going right home to my – ”
Mr. Blank – “Please give me a chance
to finish. I was only going to remark
that a Mormon usually has a separate
house for each wife, and – ”
Mrs. Blank – “Well, I should just – ”
Mr. Blank – “And he ought to be
happy – ”
Mrs. Blank – “Oh! You horrid old – ”
Mr. Blank – “Ought to be happy be-
cause it is not at all likely that all his
wives clean house at the same time.” –
Phila. Eve. Call

I guess this falls into the category of non-Mormon humor about Mormons.


Ardis Parshall said...

"Oh, you brute!"

Thanks for the chuckle. There are worse ways for Mormons to feature in non-Mormon humor ...

BruceCrow said...

And I'm sure I'll run into those soon too.