Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Grave Marker - Update

An anonymous research agent sent me a copy of the 8 January 1935 Liahona which describes the dedication of the grave in great detail. Included was a photo, probably taken by James M. Kirkham, showing the marker. I've never published anything, let alone a photograph, but I'm surprised there was indication in the article of which men are included in the photo. The only name under the photo was Elder Callis, who doesn't look like either of them. OK, maybe a little like the man on the right, but its hard to tell. So who could they be?

I could assume that if the man in a suit (on a hot June day in southern Tennessee) was not Elder Callis, then he was either the Mission President Miles L Jones, or the District President, W. W, Cliff. Since the article was written by President Jones (which I know from another source), my bet is on him. The other man is dressed more like he lives there. He doesn't much look like E.L. Travis, whose photo I have as well (I'd share it but it is under copyright, sorry), so I'm thinking A. J. Talley, who acted as host for the visitors on many occasions, or Tom Talley, who ownes the land. The photo I have of A. J. Talley is pretty close, but A. J. and Tom were cousins it could be either one.

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