Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Henry Thompson

[This is one of the two missionaries to survive the massacre. ]
Henry Bronson Thompson (sorry no photo yet) was born on 6 Mar 1859 at Filmore, Millard Co, Utah. His parents were Daniel Thompson and Laurinda Elizabeth Bronson. By the time he was called on a mission he was living in Scipio, Utah, about 25 miles away.

He started his mission in October 1882 at the same time as Elder Willis E Robinson, who would also serve in Tennessee. Elder Thompson spent the first part of his mission working south and east of Nashville with Elder Martineau, while Elder Robison worked with Elder Alfred. The four of them frequently worked together. His companions included Elders Geddes, Miles, Styler and finally Elder William S. Berry.

Probably in June 1884, Elder Thompson was assigned as a companion to Elder Berry. Thompson was at the Condor home during the Cane Creek Massacre but escaped out the backdoor after Elder Gibbs was killed but before Elder Berry and the others were shot. His survival can be best attributed to Elder Berry's quick thinking when he push aside the guns aimed to shoot at Elder Thompson.

He is one of the primary sources for the events at the Condor home. His version was published in the Deseret News and is combined with the accounts of Elder William H. Jones, and several unnamed witnesses interviewed by B. H. Roberts, Willis E. Robison and J. Golden Kimball.

In the Deseret News interview shortly after the Massacre, Henry Thompson is described as “somewhat over medium height, somewhat heavy build, and fair complexion. His age is 25 years. He speaks with deliberation, and has a pleasant and modest address.”

After his arrival home Elder Thompson was married to Hannah Elizabeth Yates on 25 Dec 1884. They had nine children.

[Update. I just ran across this tidbit. According to Stan Larson of the UofU Manuscript library, "On p. 232, note 332, of David O. McKay's Scottish Missionary diaries, which is entitled "What E'er Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part," it says: Henry B. Thompson (1859-1941) served as a missionary in the Southern States Mission from October 1882 to September 1884. Because of his near-tragic experience on that mission (see the next footnote), when he was called on another, he was allowed to pick the place where he wanted to serve." He is also quoted on p. xxxviii and 240." He served in Scotland starting in 1899. In May 1900 he was appointed President of the Scottish Conference and returned home in June 1901.]

Around 1905 Henry and his wife move away from Scipio, Utah. First they moved to Ogden, Utah and later to Plain City, Utah. He died on 8 Mar 1941 in Plain City, Weber Co., Utah, three years after his wife.


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