Friday, November 7, 2008

Photos with the Survivors

With the help of Ardis Parshall in Salt Lake and Trenton here in Nashville (Thank You!!), I have a collection of photos about the Cane Creek Murders taken long after the fact. The first three were probably taken in 1943 or 1944. The last three were probably taken in 1957 or 1958.

This shotgun was donated to the church historic library. It was owned by John Riley Hudson and was used in the massacre to defend, unsuccessfully, the missionaries, and is believed to have fired the shot that killed David Hinton, the one member of the Mob who was killed. The gun is being held by Elder Gaell W. Lindstrom. According to various accounts it was a double barrel shot gun, which this appears to be.

Elder Riego S. Hawkins (left) with sisters Rachel Condor and Lavicia Condor Haley,who survived the massacre unscathed and Elder Gaell W. Lindstrom (right).

The same two missionaries standing at the grave marker for Martin Condor and John Hudson, who will killed at the massacre. Standing with them is Hiram (Herman) Britt Talley with his wife Annie Bastin and his two sons Glenn and David.
H. B. Talley was the son of Andrew Jackson Talley who was 15 at the time of the massacre and may have been in the congregation.

Monument in memory of John Riley Hutson (1856-1884) and William Martin Conder (1863-1884), local Mormons, killed in Mormon massacre. Horace Cooper Talley and Dr. Marshall Wingfield are standing behind monument. Horace was the son of Banister (Bash) Talley and Eliza Morehead. Horace was 8 years old at the time of the Massacre, and was probably at the Condor home that day. His father Bash, was baptised in May 1884

Monument in memory of John Riley Hutson (1856-1884) and William Martin Conder (1863-1884), local Mormons, killed in Mormon massacre. Dr. Marshall Wingfield, Horace Cooper Talley, Arthur Talley, and Dr. Hall Tackett are standing behind monument.
Dr. Wingfield wrote a scholarly treatment of the events at Cane Creek, probably the first non-Mormon to do so. His article was published in 1958, and it is likely that his visit corresponded with the publishing of the article.

Monument in memory of John Riley Hutson (1856-1884) and William Martin Conder (1863-1884), local Mormon's, killed in Mormon massacre. Horace Cooper Talley, Dr. Marshall Wingfield, Arthur Talley, and L.B. Spencer are standing behind monument.
I have not identified how Arthur is connected to the rest of the Talley family. But the family is quite large with many branches about which I have no information.


Jon W. said...

Those are neat photos Bruce. Really gives one a view of things when you see them visually.

Amy said...

Great photos!

BruceC said...

Thanks. The photos do really do make those historic events more real. I consider myself just plain lucky they even exist, let alone lucky to know people who would think of me when they saw them.

Alicia said...
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Alicia said...

Arthur Jones Talley was the son of Horace Cooper "Bud" Talley.
Thank you,
Arthur's Granddaughter

BruceC said...

Thanks Alicia, it really means a great deal to me that you would post here considering your personal relationship.

The more I read in original documents about the people living at Cane Creek, the more I get the sense that the Talley Family formed the backbone of the local Mormon congregation, then and probably still today.