Friday, November 14, 2008

Elder Belnap's Journal

While searching through missionary journals I found the following passage. The entry is dated 29 Febrary 1880. (leap year)

... we borrowed some animals and in company with Mr. Garrett and daughter we went over to Mr. Turner’s on Rock House Creek.

After meeting, a great many people came down to Mr. Turner’s house where we
ate dinner. As soon as we had received our refreshments the whole crowd gathered around us and began to ask questions, one of which I will mention. One Mr. Holley, a local Methodist preacher, rather sneeringly spoke up to Brother Spencer, as he was talking on the healing ordinances and said, “Say Mister, I suppose if you have this power the people do not die out in Utah.” Before Brother Spencer had time to answer, Mr. Garrett spoke up quickly and said, “No, the people never die out there. They live until they get so old life is a misery to them. Then the old people will gather together in large companies and go over into Colorado in order to die.”

And who says Mormons don't have a sense of humor?

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