Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jacob Franklin Miller

March 11, 1884 found Elder Jacob Miller spending some time in Nashville doing whay we would call P-Day (for preparation) activities. He and his companion, along with two other Elders, found a room in which to stay at the "Weller House." Later that night between 8 and 9 pm Elder Miller and Elder Holbrook met two other Elders (from Cane Creek) at the train station. Back at the Weller House, the six of them talked "until a late hour at night."

The next day they explored the city, at one point they went out on a "wire bridge" that spans the Cumberland River. From there they could see the section of the city flooded. After arranging to meet for lunch at the "top of the state house" they split up into pairs each seeing what they could find to bring to the capital. Elder Miller and Elder Wilson bought "cookies and fried cakes." The others bought bread, cheese, maple sugar and bananas. The Capital building is on the highest point in the city and affords a spectacular view, even today. From the top they could see more of the flooded portion of the city, and noted that "through the streets men were going in skiffs and canoes."

After singing "Let Us All Press On" It began to rain so the Elders descended to the Library and the Museum. That night they purchased some clothes and went back to their room to write letters.

The next day, they saw more of the city and had pictures taken together and "a few on tin." I wish I had a copy. The six of them were Jacob Franklin Miller, Orson Wilson, William Hess, Brigham Holbrook, Willis E. Robison and John H. Gibbs.

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