Sunday, November 23, 2008

Elders Gibbs & Berry Together continued...

I have recently run across an account of the Cane Creek Murders that asserts that a descendant of Elder Gibbs was currently (1974) serving in the headwaters of Cane Creek. The author even names him as Elder Roberts (no first name). But she gave no reference for her assertion. In truth I don't trust her claim, mostly because it sounds like she is perpetuating the "urban legend." Nor does she claim to have met with or spoken with this Elder Jones. I wonder if there is a local paper in Hohenwald with archives from 1974.

Most mission sites don't go back that far, in 1974 this area was either in the Kentucky-Tennessee Mission, which doesn't exist anymore or in the Kentucky Louisville Mission (the change was midyear 1974). The current website for the Kentucky Louisville Mission does have space for missionaries who served in 1974 under President Durrant. But the list is incomplete (self reported only) and Elder Roberts is not listed.

Then in a history book of Lewis County Tennessee, I found a biography of Elder William Berry submitted by Kyle W. Wilson, who claimed to be a descendant of Elder Berry and to be currently (in 1994) serving a mission in Lewis County, TN. The editor of the book obviously felt his claim was credible enough to print. Though in truth I doubt the editor did anything more than proofread the submissions for spelling errors. Even so, this one I can probably accept at face value.

Three weeks ago I spoke with a member who served his mission in Nashville in 1994. He claims his mission President Josiah W. Douglas, was the one who "opened" the Cane Creek area back up and even sent two descendants of Gibbs and Berry to be the first missionaries back. As of yet I have been unable to make contact with President Douglas. The only contact info I have is an email address which is no longer valid.


patsy rickard said...

my husband served with this Elder Gibbs' father talk with him. They still have reunion every other year and he is usually there

BruceCrow said...

That is exactly why I love the internet. You never know who is going to come up with just the right missing piece of info.