Friday, February 22, 2008

Mormon by choice

When I was in high school, I was confronted with the existence of temple garments by a friend who wasn’t Mormon. Quite honestly I had never heard of them before and dismissed the whole notion as nonsense. Of course, I was later surprised to learn she was right.
Around the same time our ward planned an activity for the youth which involved explaining the events around Mountain Meadows. The idea was to present the proven facts so that we would not be caught off guard by the speculation of anti-Mormons. I remember the discussion to this day.
There was a time when all things like this were just not discussed. Unless it is "faith promoting", we didn't talk about it. If it has to do with the temple we didn't discuss it. It is starting to change, But I still encounter it from time to time. Based on the difference between the two events I described above, I would prefer to learn about them before I am surprised by them. How can I use my agency if I don’t know about the choice? How can I have faith it is true if it is presented in a way that does not require that leap of faith?

Lady J
My parents were good at explaining those church things you do not learn in primary. I learned about garments early on and I always understood how special they were. The Mountian Medows Massacer (as I learned what it was called) I didn't hear about until I was 17. and it shocked me. and I had no idea how to defend the actions I had learned about. I would mostly say "we are human and subject to mistake. not many condem the catholic church for thier countless acts of murder" and "no one really knows what truly happened out there that day." and so on. But of course I read it in the book "lies my teacher told me". so should I trust the facts given by a guy who prides himself on research or the church? I bet the facts given are the same. Anyhow, I would also rather hear about things as soon as I can process the info. Which is why you have to do your own scripture search and church study or you won't get all the info availible to you. Church is good but even sacremnt meeting feels like it is at a primary level compared to the knowlage out there. (and I think it is done that way on purpose so those not ready to hear the deep "dark" or "confusing" things are not shocked) I read a talk given by-i can't remember who-at a conference years ago where they guy was talking about something I don't remember. But what stood out is he said "heavenly Father and his Wives". I asked my mom abotu it and she looked at it and said "huh, yep I guess that says wives. I never noticed that before." and continued with what she was doing. infact I think that she was the one who printed it out so she could use a different part of the talk to quote for a lesson or talk she was giving. anyhow, I brought up the quote in my class a few weeks later and it really angered the teacher and some students. I guess some people just aren't ready to hear some things. Which is why the sentence it's self was not the subject of the talk given by the General Authority. I'm rambling aren't I?
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