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Alfred Douglas Young - Part 1 Conversion

[This is an excerpt from the Autobiography of Alfred Douglas Young. Written from his recollections in 1888, with some annotations added by me in square brackets]

Alfred was one of the earliest converts in Tennessee. Born on 13 Apr 1808 in Springfield, Tennessee to Jacob Young and Mary Boren. According to Alfred, his parents were separated when he was young due to a misunderstanding about how long he would be gone while working away from home and her parents encouragement to return home during his absence. As with most separations, there was certainly far more to it than that. His father remarried before 1812. His mother remarried in 1819.

While visiting the home of his mother & step father in Gibson County Tennessee he met John A McIntosh, who was the brother of his first wife, and Elder Timmons, about who we know almost nothing(1). It was July 1841 and after hearing their message was baptized. Also baptized were his brother William "Billy" Young and Lucinda Boren Young (widow of Squire Young, their eldest brother). Alfred then continued his journey before returning to his home in Henry County. For a while Alfred attended the local Baptist Church before his opinions on gospel doctrine got him expelled. In September 1841 he returned to his step father's home, where he was ordained an Elder and had a vision.

The details of the vision are too much for this post. But a copy of it can be found here beginning on page 86. Alfred described his vision to many people but didn't record them on paper until 1888, a year before his death. In it an angel led him before the throne of God. He also showed him key events in the restoration of the Priesthood, including John the Baptist's appearance to Joseph Smith as well and the Peter James and Johns later ordaining Joseph Smith to the Melchizedek Priesthood. He also saw the returning of the lost ten tribes, the conversion of the American Indians, and many other things.  Finally...
"the angel said, "Behold thy brethren," and I saw my numerous relatives who lived about 250 miles east of me. He said, "They have heard of the gospel but there is no one to preach it to them. Go and preach it to them and they will believe. Go and behold I will be with you."
It was January 1842, before Alfred, Billy Young and Daniel Hunt began their journey east to follow the angels directive. [ be continued]

1) Possibly Andrew A Timmons (1798-1870)

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gscoulson said...

Thanks for posting this. The account of his life that you linked to is quite compelling and I read the whole thing. It surely shows the great things one can do when one acts in and on their faith. It is a story worth prayer and consideration. His vision as a whole is fascinating, and the part relating to the United States is interesting to apply to events occurring after he wrote it down.