Monday, September 14, 2015

George W Gwynn's Farm

Some time ago I wrote about a mission conference that was held in Smyrna Tennessee in 1895 at the farm of George W. Gwynn. Below are two photos of his home on that farm. The home sat just east of the modern intersection of Sam Ridley Parkway and Old Nashville Highway, on Rock Springs Road. The farm and home have since been replaced by several subdivisions. See more about brother George W Gwynn here and here.

Left to right: 1)William Posey Gwynn, 2)Hager Gwynn, 3)unknown, 4)George Washington Gwynn, 5)Everett Edward Kilgrow, 6)Mattie Richardson Gwynn, 7)Virginia Hager, 8)James Emmett Gwyn, 9)Fannie May Gwyn (little girl sitting), 10)Aunt Toby.

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Susan said...

Is the George Gwyn home now Grandma Bed and Breakfast Inn on Old Nashville Hwy? Thank you so much. Susan Harber