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Jacob F. Miller - April 1883

[This is a continuation of the journal of Jacob Franklin Miller, as he serves a mission in middle Tennessee. - BAllen]

Bairds Mills, Monday April 2, 1883 Held meeting March 25th at F. P. Simmons, Elder Adams preaching, myself and Elder Jackson bearing testimony. F. P. Simmons was ordained Teacher to succeed Elder Dennison in the Presidency of the Branch. Monday evening we held a meeting at George Burke's. Elder Adams speaking; Elder Jackson and Brother Dennison following with brief remarks. Tuesday evening we held a meeting at the same place. I spoke about an hour, was followed by brief remarks from Elder Jackson and Brother Dennison. Wednesday we went to Murfreesboro to see Elder Adams and Brother Dennison and family start. Came to Smyrna to spend the evening at Wm. Gwynn's. Stopped at Gwynn's Wednesday and Thursday nights. Stopped Friday night at James Summor's, Saturday night at Robert Gwynns, a brother of Wm. Gwynn's. Gwynns mother and sister and four gentlemen were in to see us during the evening. We remained in conversation until after 11 o'clock. Sunday morning we went to Brights, stopping there last night and coming on to the Huddleston place this morning. Received letter from my Father today and wrote in reply.

Bairds Mills, Friday April 6th 1883 According to agreement stopped at Mrs. McHenrys Monday evening and at George Burkes Tuesday. Miss Emma Cummings from Nashville arrived here Tuesday and her sister left her home Wednesday. Wrote to Joseph L. Clark at Quincy Monroe Co., Miss. on Tuesday, also to my Uncle Wm. Rawson. Stopped here at Sister Huddleston Wednesday. Fasted Thursday and spent the night at Charles Bottom's.

Bairds Mills, Friday April 13th 1883 Rec'd letter from home last Friday. My little Cousin Amy Foss is dead. Stopped Friday night at Wm. Barretes. Saturday we went to Suddes Creek and held meeting there stopping over night at Wm. Daniels. Sunday we held meeting again and stopped over night at James Robertson's. Monday we came back to the Huddleston place to post letters. Elder Jackson having received a letter of instruction to which he wished to reply. He is instructed in connection with other Pres. of Conferences to travel alone and Presidents who have traveling companions are requested to report at once so that Elders may be sent out to take their places. Presidents are also requested to report the post office addresses of all Elders laboring in their Conferences. My address is reported at Flynn's Lick, Jackson Co. Stopped Monday and Tuesday night at Huddleston's. Went to John Daniel's Wednesday. Stopped with him that night and the next night at Thomas Smith's. Came to Brights today. Received letters from my Father, from Wm. V. Carbine and from E. O. Wilcox. Geo. Steed is under arrest for shooting a man who had seduced his wife. Dr. Carrington is reported to have eloped with a daughter of W. O. Mayfield.

Bairds Mills, Sunday April 15, 1883 Stopped Friday night at Brights. Came to Huddleston's Saturday but spent the night at Geo. Burke's. It is storming hard and there seem to be little chance of holding a meeting today.

Laurel Hill, Saturday April 21st 1883 No meeting last Sunday stopped over night at F. P. Simmons. Stopped Monday night at B. P. Bright. Tuesday met Elder James A. Eldredge and Brigham A. Holbrook at G. P. Huddleston's. They had reached there from Chattanooga the day before. Were sent for by George Burke to administer to a sick child and stopped over night there. The child, as soon as we had administered, threw up a worm six inches long and rested easier during the night. Were sent for again by Burke Tuesday afternoon and all four went and administered to the child who seemed better. Leaving the others at Burke, Elders Eldredge and myself went to F. P. Simmons to pass the night. We met next day at Brights. Elders Holbrook and myself stopped overnight at Huddleston's. Received letters from my Father, E. B. Clark and J. H. Gibbs. Walter Walker of Farmington has been sold out. Wrote to my Father and to Emily Foss Tuesday. Thursday morning Elder Jackson and myself started for this place. It rained very hard during the day. Selecting a house at which we had concluded to stop we were met by a boy who told us that if we were wanting to stop over night we might as well pass on for they did not keep any one there. We sent him for his Father who, starting to make an excuse for turning us off, changed and invited us in. We were charged 25 cts each for supper, breakfast, and a night of lodging. After this, learning that we were Mormon Preachers, regret was expressed that they had not known that in time to have held an evening meeting. We were invited to stop a day or two and hold meeting. We made an appointment there for a meeting on the 29th. Last night we stopped with one Prettyman James. This morning we visited Jefferson Lee and took dinner today at Andrew Carr's, each friends made by the other Elders in their last labors. At the latter place we were handed a letter directed to the Mormon Teachers, which read as follows:

Dear Sirs
Word having reached me that you deny the body which I stand identified being the Church of God, that we have wandered off, that we have a form of Godliness but deny the power there of. Now sirs if either of you will meet me and affirm that the Church of the Ladder Day Saints is the Church of God I will deny or I will affirm that the Church that I stand identified with is the Church of God if you will deny. Or I will affirm that faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, repentance toward God and Baptism into the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit will secure the forgiveness of sin and the gift of the Holy Spirit if you will deny. Or if you will affirm that miraculous gifts are necessary today and those belonging to the true Church can perform them and confer the Holy Ghost by the Laying of hands, I will deny. Now sirs let us have a friendly discussion of these and others points if you choose, or else it will be taken for granted that you cannot sustain what you teach. This is all through friendship seeking truth and dispelling error. You can give me an answer by some friend or through the mail direct to Buffalo Valley Tenn. And I will answer you as you may direct.
Yours Truly W. R. Chaffin

Flynns Lick, Monday April 23, 1883 Saturday night we stopped with two brothers named Clemmens. Sunday held meeting. A stormy day and but light attendance. Took dinner with a Doctor near by. Visited Mr. Smith. Stopped over night with Mr. Chaffin spending the whole night in conversation in the Scripture. Came on to Samples today.

Flynns Lick, Wednesday April 25, 1883 Stopped at Samples Monday and Tuesday night. Had a "log rolling" here yesterday and a dance last evening. A meeting is announced here for tomorrow evening.

Flynns Lick, Friday April 27, 1883 Stopped Wednesday night with Mr. Hoover at Whites Bend. Visited Mrs. Angus yesterday, and took dinner with Mr. Sherlock. Held meeting here last night.

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