Monday, August 12, 2013

October 1899: A Missionary Month in Tennessee

A snapshot of Mission news across Tennessee.

October 1899

Rachel L Baird who for some six or seven years had been an invalid was instantly healed by the power of God through the administration of Elders Reeve and Stewart. This occurred in Pickett county Tennessee. The sister had been confined to her bed for these many years but she arose was baptized and came up out of the water exclaiming “I am well now!”

On the night of the 4th President J. Urban Allred and Elder J. A. Kirk were holding meeting in Nashville [Davidson County] when a minister interrupted them and vilely accused them of being guilty of defiling houses. The Rev gentleman was promptly challenged to there and then prove his accusations but he suddenly disappeared.

Elders C. H. Wentz and Thos Halls while laboring in Fayetteville, Tenn. had notice served on them by the Dough Society of that place to leave the city. The Elders did not leave and were not molested.

The Elders in Marshall county Tennessee upon entering Petersburg, [Tenn] were notified to leave at once. The notice was served by a colored boy who said he was acting in behalf of the city police. This was the result of an agitation started there by a local preacher who swung high in the anti-Mormon crusade.

The Elders in Houston county Tennessee were denied the right of laboring in Erin, the county seat and even prohibited from remaining there longer than the calling for their mail required. Some of the citizens remarked that if this injunction was violated that they would enforce it not beneath masks or blackened faces but in the full light of day and in the garb of citizens.

(Excerpt from Southern Star, Volume 2:367)

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