Monday, May 27, 2013

George W. Gwyn to the LDS Southern Star

A Letter
Elder G. W. Gwyn (Local)
Smyrna, Tenn., Jan 27, 1899
To the Southern Star.
As there is a goodly number of Elders traveling from door to door in the Southern States eagerly proclaiming the gospel of a risen Redeemer, undoubtedly they come in contact with some who regard our Elders as not being gentlemen. For why, they know not; only just because you are from Utah. Thinking perhaps a brief account of our trip to the West would be the means of doing some good we herewith give you the same. My home for the past twenty years or more has been a resting place for the Elders of Zion. During this time we have formed the acquaintance of quite a number of Elders each expressing that we must pay them a visit some day. Finally we decided to go. So on Oct 31 1898 in company with my wife and youngest daughter we left our Southern home Smyrna Tenn for the West. After having an enjoyable time on our way we arrived safely at Salt Lake City Nov 4, a complete surprise to my mother, still at the same time she said it would do. We had not been there long until some of the Elders whom we were intimately acquainted with namely Brigham H Roberts, President Snow's son and many others found out that we were in the city. They immediately began to make our visit as enjoyable as anyone could ask for. We were invited to dinners, suppers and to attend different entertainments which we enjoyed very much. We made the best use of every opportunity.
After spending a few nights in Salt Lake City we visited the beautiful city of Bountiful. Here we were again royally entertained by Elders and friends. Next we proceeded to Fairview, San Pete County. Here we were again made right at home and we had a regular jollification. The kindness shown to us both by Elders and friends will long be remembered.
During our short stay in Fairview I was very favorably impressed with it owing to the beautiful surroundings and the good Christian like bearing of the people The morals of this place were exceptionally good While we were there I don t remember hearing one profane word or see any one using tobacco. Would to God all places were more like it.
After having a very enjoyable time and feeling fully repaid for our visit we started and arrived safely at our Southern home once more Jan 15, 1899. Trusting that the “Star” will ever prove to be a potent factor in carrying on this great Later Day work.

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