Monday, April 16, 2012

East Tennessee Elders 1915

Years ago, missions did not have "zones", the had "conferences". Tennessee was its own conference at first, but by the 1880's split into two Conferences: East Tennessee and West Tennessee. West Tennessee went through several iterations, being split, renamed and merged several times over the years. But East Tennessee remained unchanged.Even today, there is a Knoxville Tennessee Mission with roughly the same boundaries as the old East Tennessee Conference. That mission today probably has over 150 missionaries, though that is just a guess. In 1915, however, there were only seven missionaries.

Jas. J. Fuellenbach, Wm. S. Hamblin, James Baron, J. P. E. Rasmussen, W. H. Todd, A. W. King, E. E. Frasier.

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