Friday, June 10, 2011

Parley P Pratt Jr. in East Tennessee

[This is a continuation of a series on Parley P. Pratt Jr.]

After 5 weeks of work in Tennessee, the pair took six weeks and traveled to Haywood Valley GA for a mission conference with John Morgan. They also had some trouble with their horses, an event that will be long remembered by the horses owner: Uncle Robbins Church.

On one occasion in North Georgia, our animals were stolen from the stable by wicked and reckless men, who shaved their manes and tales, and otherwise disfigured them, and turned them into the woods. Some few winked at the deed, but the majority of the people looked upon it as an act of persecution.
Immediately afterwards Elder Stevenson was released to go home and Elder Pratt was called as president of the Tennessee Conference.

Leaving middle Tennessee to Elder Argyle and his companions, Elder Pratt went east with Daniel Stuart to open east Tennessee for missionary work. They made it as far as Knoxville. It was probably the first act of missionary work in east Tennessee since the Civil War.

Near the Clinch River, on this side of Knoxville, we found a worthy family of six souls by the name of Harris, who had been prepared by dreams for our coming, who received us kindly and believed our testimonies in regard to the great latter-day work. They have not yet been baptized, but will be, the first favorable opportunity. They are of Welsh descent and a family of standing and character. They have already sold out their farm, and are winding up their business preparatory for emigration. Mr. H. accompanied us three miles on our return, and, when taking leave of us, he was affected to tears.
Continuing their missionary work by mail they sent 15 copies of the Deseret News to people in east Tennessee that had requested them. Pratt didn't make it back to East Tennessee.

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