Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cedar Creek Branch Records

I love that we are a record keeping church. In the day and age before our lives were meticulously recorded on every computer, we kept meticulopus records on paper, sometime in very good handwriting too.
The record I am looking at spans seven years until 1888. And the same clean handwriting is used until March of 1884. More important than the handwriting is the wealth of information. Nearly every name has a note next to it indicating their disposition. Notice this branch emmigrated itself nearly out of existance.
You might think you know why so many left in 1884, but actually most of them that left in 1884, did so in March of that year, well before the August 1884 unpleasantness.
The names without notes I can fill in some of the details. The Inman family remained in the Church, and stayed put in Tennessee, but were mostly active members for as far as I can trace them. Only part of the Keeling family joined the Church in the first place, so they stayed put too. At least some of the next generation joined the church as well. Today Cedar Creek is part of the Linden Ward.

Member's NameBaptizedNotes
Samuel Inmon1881To Colorado 1884
Elijah C. Denton1881To Colorado 1883
George C. Keeling1881
David A Rainbolt1881To Colorado 1884
Hannah S. Kinkade1881
Georgiana Kinkade1881
Sarah L Balcomb1881
Betsy A Rainbolt1881To Colorado 1884
Sarah B Miller1882To Colorado 1884
Mary B Miller1882To Colorado 1884
John F Miller1882To Colorado 1884
Martha F. L. M. Woods1882To Colorado 1883
Jones S. Balcomb1882To Utah 1883
Eliza J. Stanfield1882To Utah 1883
Merry S. G. Clark1882To Colorado 1884
Phillip Miller1882To Colorado 1884
Jesse M. Denton1882To Colorado 1883
Mary Inmon1882
Maxwell Keeling1882Died 1884
Permelia A. Inmon1882
Argant Detrich1882To Colorado 1884
Permetia A. Keeling1882
Mary A. Denton1882To Colorado 1883
John W. Denton1882To Colorado 1884
Rebecca J. Denton1882To Colorado 1884
Francis M. Detrich1882To Utah 1882
Sam E. Denton1882To Colorado 1882
Rachel L. Treadwell1882
Geo T. Denton1882To Colorado 1882
Rhoda J. Inmon1882
Louisa Pig1882
Annie De Priest1883
John Williamson1883
Nicholas Wm Miller1883To Colorado 1883
Mary C. Inman1884Excommunicated 1887
Wm A. Inmon1884
Sarah E. Rainbolt1884To Colorado 1884
Virginia Miller1884To Colorado 1884
Elizabeth F. Miller1884To Colorado 1884
Emma Evans1886To Utah 1889
Geo Washington Shipman1884To Missouri 1884
Mary Jane Shipman1884To Missouri 1884


Clark Herlin said...

Have you found out why Mary C. Inman was excommunicated?

BruceAllen said...

The record says "for adultery" Oct 25th 1887.

The records are conflicting but based on what I see, Mary Catherine Martin Inman's first husband was Samuel Edward Inman. He went to Colorado in 1884 probably to build a home for the rest of the family to move into. But he died in Colorado almost as soon as he got there.

At the time in Tennessee, marriages and divorces were difficult and expensive. She probably entered into a common law marriage after the death of Samuel and her new "husband" had not obtained a proper divorce from a previous spouse.

It is likely Elder William Don Carols Markham instigated the excommunication. He was particularly, uh ... vigilant when it came to cleaning out church records.

Ardis said...

Someday somebody is going to find this page through Googling and learn something about an ancestor that they will be surprised to learn. Transcriptions like this are a real contribution, even if it takes a while for the right people to find it.

BruceAllen said...

We can only hope Ardis.

Chief Rainbolt said...

Just Surfing by and found your posting for the Cedar Creek Branch.

Ref : David Alexander Rainbolt :
1.0 He was Born 23 june,1837
White oak, McNairy co.TN

2.0 He Married Elizabeth Martin
22 oct. 1863.

3.0 he as Bapt. 22 nov 1881
she was Bapt. 13 dec 1881

He is the First Rainbolt to ever
Join the LDS Chruch. they were
sealed in salt Lake in 1903.

BruceAllen said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the additional info. I have seen a journal from one of the children in the Miller family. She names the Rainbolts and the Dentons as close friends. And remarks how the missionaries would pass her house on the way to visit them.