Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stake Quarterly Conference

From time to time I run across stories about how the Mobbers at the Canem Creek Massacre suffered some ignomious fate. Most of them, like this one, are second-hand hearsay. This newspaper article was dated June 6th, 1912.

Interesting remarks were made by Elder Owens, Wesley Anderson and W. H. Jones. They related experiences, and Elder Jones told of a circumstance pertaining to the massacre of Elders Gibbs and Berry down in Tennessee, inwhich he barely escaped with his life. Stated that a man in the souther part of the state had informed him of a visit to a man in Tennesee (sic) a few years ago who was shaking with ague. The aged man had no bread in his board but asked the elders to remain and he would have a chicken killed, which he did.
In the conversation the host stated to his guests that he had never believed in a God until the massacre many years ago, and since then he had noticed that the judgement of the almighty had followed those who had participated in that bloody deed. The next day when the missionaries took their leave they enquired of the first neighbor who their host was and were informed that he was one of those who had assisted in the killing of the Mormon missionaries Gibbs and Berry.

This story sounds really good, but it is just too disconnected from its source for me to believe it. I guess I'm just a skepic by nature.

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Anonymous said...

I don't believe it either, more than likely a tall tale like David Patton seeing Big Foot.