Monday, June 12, 2017

Nashville Chapel circa 1959

In 1959 the Nashville branch of the LDS Church met in this building. For those who know Nashville it is on the west end of town, halfway between Montgomery Bell Academy and Highway 440. It is a very nice part of town.

I've not been able to determine when the LDS Church bought the home or when they vacated it. Online records just don't go back far enough. It is a private residence now. The home sold for $700,000 in 2012. You can see some great photos of the inside here. The new owners built an addition on the back. In May 2015 the home received an honorable mention for residential historical preservation from the Metropolitan Historical Commission of Nashville.


will4685 said...

What a great looking building for the branch. Apropos of nothing in particular, the Oxford Mississippi branch met for a long time in a former Civil War hospital on the University of Mississippi campus. It looked something like this building. Great photos.

BruceCrow said...

Thanks for taking a moment to comment.

Do you have pictures?