Monday, January 9, 2017

News from Tennessee Conferences 9 Jan 1917

A few notes about exact dates, or the lack thereof. Elder James Baron and Alma Pace were released on 8 Dec 1916, and both made it back to Salt Lake City by Decemebr 16th. Elder Flake was appointed President of the East Tennessee Conference on 11 Dec 1916.  The exact date Elders Willis and Horsley were temporarily directed to Chattanooga was not recorded, but such moves for the winter were not unusual especially considering Chattanooga was within the East Tennessee Conference area. Similar moves to the city were going on in Middle Tennessee.

The record of the two baptisms, Sister Stone and Sister Slaughter, are not available. It appears that they have been lost. Sister Stone was probably Mary Epaley Stone. Her husband was baptized in 1915 and several children were baptized in 1917. The Stone family lived in Humphreys county. Sister Slaughter has evaded all my efforts at detection. I am guess since she was baptized on the same day by the same missionary pair, that she lived near the same place. Although I don't have an exact date, based on other events in these reports, I would guess they were baptized in early December. That would mean that shortly after baptizing the two sisters, Wilson and Rudd were transfered from Humphreys county to Nashville.

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