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Missionary Letter - Silas W Ward

Chattanooga, Tenn, July 20 1916

Editor Times,
     Dear sir, I certainly appreciate your kindness in sending me the Parowan Times. No one knows the real value of a home paper until he gets in a far country. Though I have been away from Parowan but a few weeks, the paper is a most welcome visitor, and no time is lost until I have read every line in it. I read other papers containing news of the war and of events that take place in other parts of the world, but there is none as interesting  to me as are the events that take place at home.
     The short time that I have been away from home have proven to me to be interesting and instructive. No one can sense the value of mission until they have had the practical experience.
     I find a great contrast between the people and their environment of Tennessee, to the of the people of Utah and their environment. The soil here is very shallow and the plant food is limited. It takes a great amount of work to mature a crop. The principle crops are corn, wheat, cotton, and peanuts. The people are a hard working class working from daylight until dark and receive but little pay.
     The past month has been a stormy one for the Southern States and the storms have destroyed the crops in cash value amounting to ten millions of dollars. This loss will make times hard for the poorer class of people.
     We latter day Saints should be the happiest people on the earth (which I think we are) for being privileged to live in such a wonderful land as Utah, where soil is rich and deep and plenty of it. Another thing that makes Utah so much more pleasanter to live in is because the majority of the people are of one faith. Where there is unity there is strength. There are many conflicting religions here, (and I presume it is that same all over the world) claiming to be right and divine, A rational mind unwarped by sect or creed is likely to become bewildered and disgusted in its efforts to reach and embrace truth.
     We as Latter day Saints should take advantage of the opportunities that are placed before us and prepare ourselves for that great and dreadful day which is not far off.
     Wishing to thank you again for the paper.
I remain your truly.
Elder Silas W Ward

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