Monday, October 13, 2014

Jacob F. Miller at Laurel Hill - May 1883

Laurel Hill, Saturday May 26th 1883 Left Samples and came to this place yesterday calling on Mr. Chaffin at Buffalo Valley on the way. We stopped last night at Samuel Smiths. It rained heavily last night and has been raining today. Dr. Cyper tells me that Mr. Chaffin told him yesterday that he was going to arrange the time for the debate but he (Mr. C) did not mention it when we called on him yesterday.

Laurel Hill, Sunday May 27th 1883 Stopped at the house of Felix H. Smith yesterday to inquire our way as we were in a part of the country new to us. Were urged to stay all night and accepted the invitation. T. H. Smith is a justice of the Peace in this District. I had heard of him before but did not know where he lived. He told us he had not been to meeting for over a year but would go with us today. We had a good attendance. Bro. Holbrook spoke first, I followed and had been speaking half an hour when it commenced storming heavily and seeing that the congregation were afraid of getting wet I dismissed the meeting. I asked Samuel H. Smith who had gained us permission to use the house if there would be any objection to our holding a meeting the next Sunday. He hesitated, spoke of a meeting at the Baptist Church at that time and then referred me to another Trustee who was present. He told me that the Church objected. I announced the result to the audience and thanked the Trustees for the use we had of the building. F. H. Smith at once spoke to me telling me that the Baptist Church, the only other one in the vicinity would be at our service when not otherwise occupied. I remained in the building answering questions until the storm subsided when we accepted invitation of S. H. Smith to go home with him for dinner.

Laurel Hill, Tuesday May 29th 1883 Leaving Smith's we met Dr. Hardcastle, a stranger who had been questioning me after the meeting. He expressed regret at the conduct of Clark and invited us to call and see him. We went to the residence of one W. E. Bartlett who had joined with F. H. Smith in offering us the use of the Baptist Church and unvited us to call on him that evening. We stayed there until this morning. Mr. Bartletts wife, a sister of F. H. Smith's, died recently. Bartlett has been a user of Morphine and is now trying to quit the habit. I learn that he and F. H. Smith are two of three members of a building committee which has charge of erecting the Baptist Church yet uncompleted, also that Mr. B. has advanced about $150.00 above his subscription for which the Church is owing him. Mr. B. is a Campbellite in religion and a Republican in politics, but moderate throughout. He commenced life in poverty and has gathered means enough around him for comfort, seems to be a man of influence and spoke in our conversation of having declined nomination as Justice of the Peace. Dr. Sypert Sunday invited us to come to his place as to a home and bring any of our people with us. We are at his place now writing letters.

Laurel Hill, Wednesday May 30th 1883 Went to see the Clemmen's yesterday and stopped overnight with them. It rained very hard last night, rained some this morning and is still cloudy. Writing in the schoolhouse. Visited Andrew Carr day before yesterday. Obtained permission from the Trustees of the Garner schoolhouse to hold meeting there next Sunday at 3 P.M. Stopped overnight at Wade Jones' in Buffalo Valley. Yesterday took dinner with Dr. Hardcastle. Stopped overnight with George Jones.

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