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Jacob F. Miller at Flynn's Lick - May 1883

Flynns Lick, Saturday May 19, 1883 Held meeting at New Hope near Alexandria on Sunday April 29th. Had an attendance of about 120 and were urged to call again. Monday [Apr 30] went to Bairds Mills stopped at Bright's Monday, and Tuesday night with Pres. Jackson at J. D. Sanders, Wednesday [May 2] night with Pres Louis Kelsch of the Kentucky Conference, at Robert Gwynn's Thursday night with Pres. Roberts. During the time we were away, Wetmore schoolhouse was burned down by an incendiary. While we were at Gwynns he told us that he hoped that the Wetmore Schoolhouse was not burned because the Mormons preached in it, but if it was, there is another here that can be burned for the same reason and it is at your service at any time and for any purpose.

Libelous notices respecting the Saints in Wilson Co. had been posted in different parts by some unknown party and though the outrage was nowhere approved openly and was severely condemned by the County paper, it was followed by warnings to the Elders to leave and by calls to the citizens to drive them out. I kept one of the notices of which the following is a copy:

Citizens. The time has come for us to act; The Mormon question demands our serious consideration! If we intend to become Mormons then we may be excused for tolerating a people who have not a single female member who is not a prostitute. Their doctrines and presence are dangerous to our best moral political and financial interests! We urge you act! Act together and with determination! A mightier corporation than the Mormon Church will sustain you! Strike them and strike deep as the curse that they would rivet on us! Our sons, our  daughters, our wives are in the balance. 
By order of Lodge No 13. U. O. M. Ks

Friday [May 4] morning the following notice was found at our place of meeting.

May 3, 1883
Specially to the Latter Day Saints of this community:
We as a people do this day swear that from this date on we will not allow the Mormons to hold meetings in this community. Now we beg of you as we do not want to hurt any of you, but so sure as you hold meeting in this community some or all of you will be beaten with many strikes and probably several killed. Study this well before you proceed. We remain now and forever the gentile dead click.

I was appointed Clerk of the Conference. We held Priesthood meeting each morning of the Conference. Presidents Jackson and Roberts and Elder Joseph spoke Friday forenoon, Elders Griffin, Holbrook and myself in the afternoon. Presidents Roberts and Kelsch, Elder Godfrey and myself passed the evening at Simmins. I stopped over night at Rappael Neil's with Elder Godfrey. Next morning we were given our fields of labor, Elder Wm. H. Joseph, Joseph S. Hunter, Thomas Godfrey and Thomas Griffin were to return to their field in the east. Elder Holbrook and myself were to labor in Jackson Co. and Elder Elderedge was to accompany Louis Kelsch, President of the Kentucky Conference back to that state. Pres. Roberts spoke
each day of the Conference and with great power. The authorities of the Church were presented Saturday. Saturday evening I went to Mr. Schneiders with Pres Kelsch and spent the night there. We had a pleasant evening, some very good singing and some German talk.

Sunday [May 6] evening we spent together, the ten of us at Huddleston's. I stopped overnight at Brights. Thomas Lane was baptized Sunday afternoon.

Monday [May 7] night stopped at Huddleston's.

Tuesday May 8] Raphael Neil and wife and Mrs. Schneider and her daughter Maggie were baptized. I was mouth in confirming Raphael Neil and Maggie Schneider. I stopped over night at Bottom's.

Wednesday [May 9] I went to Huddleston's and from there to Irving Sanders where Elder Hunter and myself passed the night. Irving Sanders was the first person to receive the Elders at Bairds Mills.

Friday [May 11] night I stopped at Bright's. Elder Joseph had been sick for about a week and breaking out with a kind of rash, fears were entertained by some on Saturday that he had the Small pox. I sat up with him all night Saturday night. He was much better in the morning. He was administered to twice Saturday. [the previous] Thursday night I had stopped at Wm. Burke's who in connection with his wife had been baptized on the previous evening.

Sunday [May 13] night I again stopped at Brights and Monday night at Huddleston's. Monday a daughter of Brother Smith was baptized.

Tuesday [May 15] I started for this place in company with Elder Hunter and Holbrook. We found a large number of wild Strawberries during the day the only ones I have seen yet. Tuesday night we stopped just beyond Alexandria.

Wednesday [May 16] we took dinner with Jackson Malone. He told us that a relative of his living at Bethel was wishing to hear us preach there. We stopped that night with one John Elbert Robinson near Temperance Hall. He is one of the Trustees of a Church there and volunteered to use his influence to get us the house to preach in, but told us there was a Church there open to all denominations, which he was sure, we could obtain. He invited us to call on him whenever we were passing that way and said he would like to hear us preach.

Thursday [May 17] night we stopped at Dr. Cypers at Laurel Hill.

Friday [May 18] we came here, stopping at Mr. Chaffin's on the way.

We held a meeting here this evening [May 19] and had a very good spirit. I spoke near an hour and a half.

Flynns Lick, Thursday May 24, 1883 Held meeting at Chestnut Grove last Sunday [May 20]. Had a heavy rain here Sunday, Monday and part of Tuesday. Monday, Joseph Perseley visited us here and passed nearly the day in conversation. Tuesday [May 22] forenoon John Samples spent talking with us. We went to Gainesborough yesterday I bought a pair of breeches, eight dollars, a pair of boots $3.78 and a pair of cuff buttons forty cents. Visited Joseph Perseley today. His youngest child is named Erastus Snow. I presented him a photograph of that Apostle for a keepsake.

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