Monday, July 28, 2014

A Conference in Memphis 1915

Top Row from Left to Right:—Charles J. Housley. John H. Stevenson, Francis S.
Lundell. Henry Child. Harvey Dalton, Wm. S. Hamblin. Bottom Row:—Samuel S.
Whitehead, Conway Wilkes, John L. Cleave, Conference President, Ira Gardner, Mission
President- Charles A. Callis, Thomas Wilson, Clarence H. Yates.

The conference at Memphis, Sept. 25th and 26th, was a splendid success. Pres. Callis was with us, stopping over a couple of days before leaving for the West to attend the general conference. He delivered powerful discourses on the principles of the Gospel. The traveling elders spoke well and with convincing power. The priesthood meetings were spirited and all enjoyed the counsel and advice received. Elder Henry Child, of the Virginia Conference, was present at our conference. He has been assigned to labor with us and we welcome him as our companion.

[Although the caption on the photo doesn't say so, this is the Middle Tennessee Conference, held in Memphis Sept 25 & 26, 1915 and published on October 26, 1915.  - B.Crow]

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