Monday, June 30, 2014

Chattanooga Branch (Re)Organized 1932

Above is a photo of the Chattanooga Sunday School published on November 7th, 1933.
At a conference in Late 1932 in Chattanooga, President Miles L. Jones re-organized (according to a note in the mission news) a branch of the Church. Elder Leander Britton, a local Elder and convert since 1900 [see note below], was appointed the President. The note is odd, considering Elder Britton was Branch President before the re-organization, and there was no apparent change.

Although I have not been able to identify most of the people in the photo, Mission President Miles L. Jones appears to be the man on the right in the back (white hat & glasses) and the woman in front of him resembles his wife, Isabelle Chase. Given that he appear to be holding her arm, I think it is a pretty safe bet. In addition to local members President "Lee" Britton, and Elder J. T. Cheek, recent converts in the district include Charles Hollifield, Mary Shelton, Hattie Nash, Olive Nash, James Nash & Benjamin Nash. Some of them (or none) may be in the photo. If the photo was taken on the Jones' February 16, 1933 visit, then Sister Lucile Curtis is likely in the picture as well, since she was touring the mission with the mission president and his wife.

Note: Leander Britton was baptized on Aug 27th, 1900 by J. W. Berry, the son of William S. Berry.

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