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Jacob F. Miller Mission Preparations - February 1883

[This is one in a series of posts on Jacob F Millers's mission journal. To see them all look here.]

Farmington Thursday February 8, 1883
Went to Cache Valley January 23d on a visit. Returned February 5th. Small pox still spreading in Logan. Received a Patriarchal Blessing from Father Richardson at Richmond February 2d and one from Father John Smith of Farmington February 6th. Attended Theological Class Tuesday evening. A very good play was performed last night by the Kaysville Dramatic Association. The Social Glass Farce "Miss Tibbetts Back Hair".

[The text of both Patriarchal Blessings were included in his journal]

Saturday February 10th 1883
Took a trip to Salt Lake City today. Was introduced to Pres Morgan by Henry Roberts. Purchased copies of the Book of Mormon, Doctrine of Covenants Compendium & Mediator.

Visited Salt Lake City Saturday Feb 24. Had some Photographs taken. Received present of a Bible, Oxford edition, a Book of Mormon, a Compendium and a copy of Mormon Doctrine from W. W. Steed and of a Hundred copies of the Articles of Faith from Bro James T. Smith, each copy having my name and address upon it. Spent the evening at Bro. Stayners the evening before at Wilcox and at a farewell dance. Sunday preached at meeting occupying nineteen minutes so my Father told me. Monday went to Salt Lake City to be set apart for my mission. Bought 150 of Bro. Morgan's Tracts.

[On February 26, 1883 Jacob F. Miller was set apart as a missionary in the Historian's office by Apostle Joseph F. Smith, the long text I have omitted here. Afterwards he was given a certificate of his ministerial call]

Copy of Certificate
Holiness to the Lord
To All Persons to whom this Letter Shall Come
          This certifies that the bearer, Elder Jacob Franklin Miller is in full faith and fellowship with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and by the General Authorities of said Church has been duly appointed to a Mission to the Southern States to Preach the Gospel and Administer in all the Ordinances there of pertaining to his office.
          And we invite all men to give heed to his Teachings and councils as a man of God, sent to open to them the door of life and salvation and assist him in his travels, in whatever things he may need.
          And we pray God the Eternal Father, to bless Elder Jacob F. Miller and all who receive him, and minister to his comfort, with the blessings of Heaven and Earth, for time and all eternity, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
Signed at Salt Lake City,
Territory of Utah
          February 26th, 1883 in behalf of said Church
          John Taylor
First Presidency
          Joseph F. Smith

[The next day he and several other missionaries boarded a train for the east.]

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